Greaseproof know the old kind that

cookiebarrel, Aug 27, 2:35am
we used to wrap lunches in, use as tracing paper and line cake tins with. It was white and slightly glossy on one side. Question is can you still get it and if so where from. My local New World (only supermarket in town) has none and I was told it is no longer available except maybe from a $2 shop or similar, to use baking paper, but I do not want to use baking paper I really want the old greaseproof paper. As always any help from our delightful recipe's folk would be most welcome!

fifie, Aug 27, 3:24am
I still get it, countdown on line at the mo have it. They call it lunch wrap I think 1.99 roll, comes with paper wrapper not in a box.

wheelz, Aug 27, 3:24am
Countdown sells it here

cookiebarrel, Aug 27, 5:02am
Thank you for that. Looks like a road trip for me. Wheelz, love the look of your dog!

wheelz, Aug 27, 6:12am
Thanks. Yeah. we love our boy too!

jascas, Aug 27, 7:06am
Pams have white paper on a roll its called imitation greaseproof lunchwrap, your New World might have it.

korbo, Aug 27, 8:16am
mum used greasproof for baking, and wax for wraping lunches. Most $2shops have both, and pack/save

-nana-, Aug 27, 8:50am
You can use freezer paper. Avaailable in supermarkets over seas but usually found in craft shops here. What did you want it for?

cookiebarrel, Aug 27, 2:49pm
Thanks jascas will ask them again who knows a different person might give me a different answer than "no they don't make it now".
-nana- I want to use it for a variety of things like I did until I ran out. Tracing pics and patterns, lining cake tins etc. So annoying when you run out and go to get more and it's not there and you are told it is no longer available, then you here it is but elsewhere.

blueviking, Jan 1, 8:49pm
Pak'n sell it. I use it to wrap my lunch in (and my wifes) daily. Pams & 4u brand