Paper cases sticking to muffins

fishheadsoup, Mar 20, 1:28am
does anyone else have this problem and how do i stop this thanks

cookessentials, Mar 20, 1:43am
I think it depends on the paper cups. Where are you getting yours from? The self supporting ones are good or get the glassine type or the waxed paper folded muffin cups. The old supermarket "Jaytee" are not like they used to be.

fishheadsoup, Mar 20, 1:48am
thats them the jaytee from supe have stuck so bad was wondering if i could spray them a little without ruining the muffins

cookessentials, Mar 20, 2:00am
Well, you could try it - just alight spritz.

lulu239, Mar 20, 3:03am
I have just made 8 doz muffins for someone ( four different types) and used 3 types of paper cases. I didn't have a problem with any of them. I do remember a couple of months ago making muffins and they stuck to the paper. I can't remember what types the muffins or the cases were. Do you need to use the cases?

bunny51, Mar 20, 3:07am
I spray my muffin cases with cooking spray and they don't stick

harrislucinda, Mar 20, 3:12am
leaveto coolbeforeremovingsometimesminestickandothertimestheydonteventhoughsamebrandofcups

cebas, Mar 20, 3:16am
I spray mine or grease them with butter. That stops the sticking.

desmodean, Nov 15, 9:17pm
Yep, a light spray helps.