Edmonds Magic Pavlova

rambo24, Dec 27, 10:27pm
i saw one of these at the supermarket the other day its bascially pav ingredients (except sugar and water) in an egg.one of my kidlets had ripped the instructions when they opend the egg, can anyone tell me please how long and what temp i cook it for? Have googled it to fin dout the other ingredients but it doesn't give the cooking instructions. ta

tjharris, Dec 27, 10:39pm
heat oven to 170C.Reduce to 120C and bake 1 hour.turn oven off and leave in oven til cooled

madj, Dec 27, 10:41pm
Found this post on google. have not seen the 'egg' lol cos make mine from scratch. Hopefully is what you are after, it's a different brand but I would imagine they are essentially the same.

Combine mixture and water in small bowl of electric mixer
Beat, add fine white (castor) sugar
Pile onto baking tray. Bake.
Serve cold, decorated with cream and fruit.

Then it says:

Detailed instructions inside....
oh. Okay, I'll keep going...

Inside instructions:

Preheat oven to 150 fan forced, 170 electric or 160 gas.
Use high sided mixing bowl, not soft plastic.
Not suitable for microwave oven
For best results use fine white sugar

Fill bottom of plast "egg" with lukewarm water 140ml. Empty into small mixer bowl, gently add pavlova mix to the water and stir for 15 secs.

Use mixer at highest speed until mixture is stiff and peaks hold their form, this will take 4-7 minutes.

Switch mixer to slowest speed. Heap top of plastic "egg" with sugar (130g) and sprinkle evenly into the mix, switch mixer onto highest speed for one minute only.

Heap mixture onto lined baking tray, piling into high dome shape. Pavlova Magic will change shape during cooking. Place on middle shelf and immediately alter temperature to 100 degrees fan forced, 120 for electric, 110 for gas.

Bake for one hour.

turn off oven and leave to cool completely. do not open door during cooking process or drying process.

sue1955, Dec 27, 10:41pm
pre heat oven to 170c or 150c fan forced , line baking tray with baking paper ,combine mixture & 140ml water in a large bowl
beat with electric beater adding 130grm caster sugar
pile onto baking tray & bake at reduced 120c or 100c fan-forced
bake on middle shelf for 1hr
turn oven off & leave pav in oven until oven & pav are completely cool (about an hour).

dbab, Dec 28, 7:13am
A hint on the instruction leaflet said to run a knife around the outside edge, making a groove in 3-4 places before cooking. Mine turned out absolutely stunning - nice and high, crispy on the outside and soft inside. I'll definitely have one in my pantry for using another time.

wingee, Dec 21, 10:13am
Agree, never fail, made it xmas eve........always handy to have one of these in the pantry and if need to take desert or want one you have it there to make up.........