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lurtz, Jan 11, 10:22pm
A belated thank you Cookessentials. This recipe was so well received, and just delicious.

cookessentials, Jan 11, 10:29pm
Well, I am glad you like it.

firemansgirl, Jan 11, 11:57pm
What size tub of cream cheese! 250g or 500g!

motorbo, Jan 12, 7:01am
yum.does it taste a bit like a tiramisu!

cookessentials, Jan 12, 7:22am
standard 250g tub firemans girl. Motorbo, yes like tiramisu.

gerry64, Dec 25, 9:57pm
Thank you very much for your advise on using the digestive biscuits certainly gave it a nice nutty edge
The old boy bought me a fantastic xmas present a beautiful Kitchenaide beater - so thought it was appropriate that the first recipe I used it for was one of yours - as it was your thread on here that alerted me to the fact that the new kenwood would not be as good as my old one
Appreciate your input to this recipe board

griffo4, Dec 25, 11:49pm
Yes l love that recipe too it is very nice and easy to make

gerry64, Dec 26, 12:32am
one of those deserts that take very little effort but has maximum appeal

cookessentials, Dec 26, 2:48am
Thats great to hear. Glad you like the "Mama's Cake" it really is ovely,albeit very rich. If you have not eaten it all, you will find it even better the following day or so. I am glad you are enjoying your KitchenAid stand mixer too, they really do a great job. What colour did you get! I am glad that I could be of help to you and that at times, I do manage to give some good recipes and advice, thank you for letting me know.

falcon-hell, Dec 26, 3:52am
great to see a nice comment for you cookesssentials,i have been reading some of the nasty comments lately and you have had a hard time-i think you are great,always giving great positive and helpful comments,and i don't blame you for giving a little bit back at some of the posters,so keep on giving us all your fabulous advice,because alot of us really appreciate it.

novices, Dec 26, 3:55am
Any chance of the recipe for this pie please!

griffo4, Dec 26, 4:47am
l agree with falcon-hell cooks your recipes are always great and your advice is always helpful

cookessentials, Dec 26, 5:05am
Thanks you guys, it means alot.

cookessentials, Dec 26, 5:06am
Here you go novices, I have just copy and pasted it from an earlier post.
Someone asked for a goood tiramisu recipe. This is "Mama's Cake" and is a delicious tiramisu done in a loaf tin, so it makes for easy slicing. Be warned, it is EXTREMELY rich. The recipe comes from a real Italian "Mama" and is quite delicious.

3/4 cup espresso coffee ( or very strong coffee)
1/4 cup rum
1/2 cup caster sugar
4 egg yolks
3/4 tub cream cheese at room temp
1 tsp vanilla essence ( use pure if you can)
2 1/2 cups cream
1 pkt digestive biscuits
1/4 cup cocoa ( I use a good quality Dutch "Blookers" cocoa)

Make coffee and allow to cool. Mix with the rum and set aside. Beat sugar & egg yolks together in a large bowl until light and creamy. Beat in the cream cheese until mixture is very smooth. In a clean bowl, beat together the cream and vanilla until mixture is of a thick,pouring consistency. Do NOT beat until it is like whipped cream.
Beat together the cream cheese mixture with cream until it is thick and spreadable. Line a loaf tin with plastic wrap or tinfoil ( usually use the foil) and smooth the edges out. Spread 1/5th of the mixture in bottom of tin. Quickly dip digestives in the coffee/rum mix and place a layer of biscuits on top of the cream mixture and sprinkle liberally with sifted cocoa. Repeat three layers, finishing with a layer of cream and cocoa. Refrigerate overrnight or minimum of 4 hours ( I prefer overnight for a firmer dessert which is easier to slice) Serve sliced with seasonal fruits.

duckmoon, Dec 26, 5:14am

I have appreciated what you have posted. It is interesting how you begin to recognized various posters. And think 'they will have a helpful thought'.or 'wonder what nasty or unnecessarything will be posted by them today'

Cooks, you are the former.thank you

cookessentials, Dec 26, 5:24am
Thanks duckmon, really appreciate your comments.

badams1, Dec 26, 5:38am
now i consider myself to be a pretty good cook. i have a very special dinner to produce next week,for a very special person. Cookessentials, i am going to include this wonderful desert.ill let you know ,the feedback,from a very discerningpalate. cheers for that.

cookessentials, Dec 26, 5:44am
Brilliant, would love to hear what they think. Make it the day before as it will taste even better. it is VERY rich, so just a small slice. I serve it with fresh berries on the side, usually raspberries and red currants.

gerry64, Dec 26, 6:26am
Cookes my beater is boysenberry - he chose well I thought -
I served the desert with fresh raspberries - very moorish and unfortunately none left

duckmoon, Dec 26, 6:32am
Yum, let me know what time I should come over

cookessentials, Dec 26, 6:42am
Oh, the boysenberry is beautiful. I have a lady in Dannevirke who bought the boysenberry one earlier this year and she tells me how wonderful it is each time she comes down to the shop to visit! She reckons they make the BEST sponge cakes.

cookessentials, Dec 26, 8:06pm
You could always make another one for new year!

cookessentials, Dec 26, 8:07pm
Cookes my beater is boysenberry - he chose well I thought -
I served the desert with fresh raspberries - very moorish and unfortunately none left

You could always make another one for new year!

vintagekitty, Dec 26, 8:37pm
Cookessentials is a gem, so helpful and kind. With a fantastic shop too!. Also what's great, is she sells her stock here on trademe as well.

lurtz, Dec 26, 10:22pm
This recipe looks super. Thanks for sharing cookessentials:-)I intend to make it for a family lunch on New Year's Eve.Lovely to see such nice comments about it.

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