B&E pie...instead of pastry

tekeflapz, Jan 8, 11:40pm
Can i use bread? i really cant be bothered going to get pastry :O/

margyr, Jan 8, 11:52pm
google, savoury bread and butter pudding there are loads of ideas there.

davidt4, Jan 8, 11:57pm
You can make it without any pastry or crust at all.Here is a lovely recipe for a Bacon & Egg & Vege slice that is delicious and very sustaining.It can be eaten hot or cold and is ideal for a picnic or a packed lunch:


buzzy110, Jan 8, 11:59pm
You can make the dish without pastry. It is not too different from a baked frittata or self-crusting quiche, (without the flour but you can add that in if you like) or even just a thick omelette. Then just have it with toast.

Eggs are really flexible.

margyr, Jan 9, 12:00am
that looks yum davidt4, haha isn't it funny every time I have read your name I have read it as david4t, it was not till I typed it just now that I realised I had been reading it wrong.

lilyfield, Jan 9, 1:19am
you can also M_A_K_E pastry

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