Cookessentials pleaze help!

mana-shyla, Nov 30, 3:20am
Hi cookessentials i have a chocolate muffin recipe you posted on here a couple weeks ago. its off the "test kitchen" thread. please advise me how much FLOUR is needed?

245sam, Nov 30, 3:35am
mana-shyla, the following is from the 'TEST KITCHEN' thread and answers your question.....

"I missed it? Sorry. It is 1 1/2 cups plain flour.
This apparently can be doubled and one half used for muffins and the other half to make a chocolate cake. I actually think with the taste and texture that it would make a fabulous chocolate cake, split in half and filled with a chocolate ganache or buttercream filling,sandwiched together and then iced.
Quote cookessentials (1120 )6:04 pm, Sun 26 Sep #34":-))

mana-shyla, Nov 30, 3:38am
thanks i only put 1 cup of flour and they were a disaster. i will try again

245sam, Nov 30, 3:43am
That's unfortunate mana-shyla and unfortunate too that you hadn't read further down on that thread as someone else asked exactly the same question as you, hence Pam's posting as above.I'm sure you'll have better luck next time using the given flour quantity.What did you do with the "disaster" muffins? - could they be salvaged and maybe with some custard, be used as a pudding?

mana-shyla, Nov 30, 3:44am
yes the kids are going to have them with icecream. not alot of wastage.

cookessentials, Sep 17, 6:16pm
Thanks 245sam, yes big mistake leaving the flour out!! They WILL work and they are delicious.