Cookessentials have you made your loaves with

lynja, Sep 14, 7:30pm
frozen pumpkin? while they are so cheap i thought i would cook some pumpkin and mash and freeze so that i can whisk up a loaf or two over summer when pumpkins become so much more expensive.

cookessentials, Sep 14, 9:40pm
Hi lynja, no, i cant say i have. However, the original recipe when it was given was using canned pumpkin which is the "thing" in the USA. I see no reason why it would be a problem. Perhaps let it drain really well while it is thawing so it is not holding too much water,but i reckon it should be fine. You can buy whole pumpkins that will keep for months so long as you keep the top stalk intact. I have a couple stored now that have been there for about 4-4 months and they are perfect. Buy them with the knobby end of stalk on and store in a cool spot.

lulu239, Sep 15, 5:01am
lynja. May I suggest that you cook and freeze in pieces. It doesn't seem to be as wet as when it is mashed. It still needs to be strained after thawing. It is nearly time for Hospice Craft Fair. Along with my craftwork I will be baking and the Pumpkin Loaves are top of my list to do.

lynja, Sep 15, 6:34am
thank you both, yes they are a firm favourite here along with the lemon yoghurt cake!

braemac, Sep 15, 10:05am
I baked the Pumpkin, Raisin & Carrot loaf using left over mashed pumpkin which I had frozen.......and it was perfect!!!!No problem at all, just drained off the excess water :-)

kob, Mar 24, 6:01pm
frozen pumpkin is very soggy when defrosted so it would need to be thougherly drained before usage or would totally change the density of your cake