100's of cherry tomatoes!! What to do with them?

glendeb, Mar 10, 2:07am
We have 100's of cherry tomatoes ready right NOW! Is it acceptable to chop them up and freeze them for later in the year like I do with normal tomatoes? Or would they be too sweet to use in the likes of lasagne etc?

What else can I do with them? Thanks for any advice :)

maynard9, Mar 10, 3:11am
I just leave them whole and free flow freeze them on trays then put into snaplock bags to use in winter.

buzzy110, Mar 10, 4:29am
How about drying them and storing in oil. You could have them with ante pasta AND use them in stew and sauces as well.

glendeb, Mar 10, 6:45am
I like both of those ideas! Yummo! Thanks so much.

winnie231, Mar 10, 7:05am
fisher has a great recipe for drying them ...

http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=171889

jag5, Mar 10, 7:26am
Make a salad. I use Jamies Mothership tomato salad recipe. Brilliant.

raewyn64, Mar 10, 7:54am
I have frozen them and because they are small I just grab a handful out when I am making a pasta dish or spag bog and put them into the dish whole. They thaw out and cook but stay whole and burst flavour when you bite into them - husband loves them this way.

uli, Mar 10, 8:11am
I simply eat them ... 50 will make a salad if you halve them ...

charlieb2, Mar 10, 9:36am
hee hee hee. . winnie... that was my first thought too. . and I laughed at your comment to fisher in that thread... . lol

duckmoon, Mar 10, 10:02am
could you make a relish - and leave them whole, so you can see that it is the cherry toms that you make the relish from?

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