Roasting capsicum in an electric frypan???

nunesy, Feb 15, 10:46pm
My oven doesn't work except for the top elements; can I roast capsicum in an electric frypan?If yes, lid on?No idea... but hate not being able to roast/bake...

pericles, Feb 15, 10:47pm
lid off, other wise it will be steamed

beaker59, Feb 15, 10:56pm
I have a gas hob so my bread cooling rack doubles as a BBQ grill over the biggest ring then just sit capsicum over the flame and turn often otherwise go out and do it on your BBQ you might never go back to the oven :)

nunesy, Feb 15, 10:58pm
hmmm, don't have a bbq but good idea!might give it a go seeing as caps are cheap anyway... want to make capsicum and tomato soup and freeze for later... plus a few other recipes while they're cheap! thanks.

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