Tomato & Capsicum Relish - Skins & Seeds?

Finding myself with too many tiny tomatoes and red capsicums I have decided to make use of some in a relish. Most recipes recommend roasted capsicums and skinning them and skinning and deseeding the tomatoes. Do you do neither of these things and enjoy your relish just as much? Apart from my tomatoes being too small I wonder if all this roasting, skinning and deseeding makes that much difference.

Chef_paora-tm, Mar 14, 11:04 pm

the tomatoes you can pour boiling water over them and then work them through a colander if they are small there will be a lot of skins

Chef_whitehead., Mar 14, 11:15 pm

I never skin my tomatoes for my tomato relish recipe, you never notice the skin

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 15, 4:44 am

Chop your tomatoes up small,

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 15, 5:15 am

My mother always left the skins and seeds in her tomato relish. Never stopped each years batch being finished well before the tomatoes were ready for the next lot.

Chef_kay141, Mar 15, 6:26 am

I chop mine up with whizz stick

Chef_creek, Mar 15, 6:49 am

I have just made a biggish lost of tomato relish I leave seeds and skins on always have never had a moan yet :) This year it was made with a combined size of tomatoes and just cut all to smallest size. I also added chillies to this patch deseeding 90% and some left for bite used 3 green and a red. Yummy

Chef_anne1955, Mar 15, 6:53 am

+1 - lots of goodness in the skins too.

Chef_jennis, Mar 15, 12:02 pm

To deseed tomatoes for a relish, is a big no no, that is where all the juicy goodness and flavour is. What a waste, wonder who dreamed up that crazy idea!

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 15, 6:11 pm

I like the way you and most others are talking. I think I might . NO I WILL save myself some time and effort and leave everything in. :)

Chef_paora-tm, Mar 15, 10:43 pm

All is good with my skins and seeds relish although I wish I had given more thought about the ingredients in recipe I used. A dessertspoon of both curry powder and dried mustard has given me a tomato/capsicum relish with no noticeable capsicum flavour. Admittedly I didn't roast the capsicum but I did saute/sweat it which usually does as much as roasting does. It still taste nice so not a total waste.

Chef_paora-tm, Dec 20, 9:00 am