Red onion & Red Capsicum Pickle

petal1955, Jan 27, 1:50am
6 large red onions finely sliced
2 TBSp salt
1.3/4 cups cider vinegar
1.3/4 cups sugar
4-5 red capsicums sliced/chopped
100ml sweet chilli sauce

Place onion and salt in bowl and stand for 1 hour> Drain and rinse

Heat vinegar and suagar and add onion and capsicum, bring to boil and simmer for 45 minutes. Add chilli sauce and cook until syrupy. Bottle and seal.

snapperheadrkp, Jan 27, 2:29am
Tap up Digby Law's Pepper Relish on Google,
I have made this for years (our favorite Relish) but use ALL Red Capsicums instead of a mixture of red/green. (I find the green quite astringent) plus it looks better with just red!

petal1955, Jan 27, 4:55am
Have you got a link for this ?

snapperheadrkp, Jan 27, 5:45am

petal1955, Jan 27, 6:14am
snapperheadrkp wrote:

There are only links to his cook books.You are being very rude.I asked a civil question.

245sam, Jan 27, 6:45am
petal1955, I found that Pepper Relish at stackofrecipes however if you'd rather not go there I'm happy to post the recipe for you once we've had our late dinner which is almost ready. :-))

rainrain1, Jan 27, 6:47am
OMG yum petal!

245sam, Jan 27, 7:28am
Here, for you petal1955.

Use a mixture of red and green peppers for a colourful relish.

1 Kg green and red peppers
500g onions
1 tbsp salt
2½ cups each of white sugar and white vinegar

Remove the cores and seeds from the peppers and peel the onions. Mince them, then place in a container and sprinkle with the salt. Let stand for 2 hours, then strain off the juices.
In a saucepan combine the strained vegetables with the sugar and vinegar, then gently simmer, uncovered, for 45 minutes or until thick.
Pour into hot, clean jars and seal. :-))

petal1955, Jan 27, 7:34am
Thank you 245sam. I'm glad that one of the regular posters (you) was able to help rather than that other rude person

rainrain1, Jan 27, 9:11am
OMG. where do you find a rude person here?

petal1955, Jan 27, 9:34am
The snapperhead person that told me to "Tap it up"

snapperheadrkp, Jan 27, 7:34pm
TAP IT UP ! - for petal
As I Said
Tap Digby Law's Pepper Relish into Google
On the answers the second listing is the recipe I referred you to
Not difficult

chelsea8, Oct 28, 11:07am
Thanks Petal. Will definitely make yours. Sounds delicious!

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