Pickle makers...question about jar seals...

perfectsense, Jan 6, 10:03pm
I have some preserving jars with metal lids and am going to make pickle.The recipe says not to use metal seals but to use plastic lids.Is this absolutely necessary?

cookessentials, Jan 6, 10:06pm
Yes, the acid in the vinegar will eat away at the lid. Use plastic or get the clip top jars with the rubber seals.

perfectsense, Jan 6, 10:12pm
Do they seal properly?Will they keep as well with those rubber sealed jars?

cookessentials, Jan 6, 10:18pm
I am sure they will be fine. They have a very tight metal clipthat forces the lid down onto the rubber seal, creating a good, airtight seal. Here is a link for you to give you some more information.
http://www.ehow.com/how_7537022_use-cliptop-preserving-jars.html You can buy these types of jars from Arthur Holmes...they have a website...see below. They will ship them to you. http://www.arthurholmes.co.nz/index.php?cPath=1176_1089

You can use them season after season and you can get spare rubber seals if/when required. They are so much easier to use too.

cookessentials, Jan 6, 10:23pm
You can use this type for sauces as well, such as home made tomato sauce or bbq sauce. You can also use them for licquers etc too and flavoured olive oils.

perfectsense, Jan 7, 12:33am
Thanks cookessentials :)Much appreciated.

cookessentials, Jan 7, 12:37am
You are very welcome. Good luck with the pickle making.

pickles7, Jan 8, 9:00am
Just use jam jars, I have never had a problem with the lids going rusty. I re-use wine bottles for sauce, and have my own labels printed. nice finish.

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