Pickle Question

pamellie, Oct 6, 1:41am
I have made my pickle and the recipe says to bottle when cold. If I bottle when hot will that make any difference?

whitehead., Oct 6, 2:44am
no but leave the lids off till cold

uli, Oct 6, 3:33am
I always bottle hot and screw the lid down, so it sucks the seal down when cooling. That way it is properly closed. If you leave it open until cold lots of stuff can get in and spoil the pickles. I personally would not do that.

buzzy110, Oct 6, 3:43am
Like uli I have always wondered at recipes that recommend bottling and/or sealing when cold. I've always boiled my jars and lids, filled them with the hot pickle/jam/marmalade/chutney/r-
elish/fruit, etc and screwed on the boiled lids on top no matter what the recipe says. They then create an airtight seal as they cool and everything is safe from contamination and no need to refrigerate.

pamellie, Oct 6, 3:45am
Thanks Uli. Everything I have made before I have always bottled and sealed hot so this seemed a bit strange. I have put the lids on now and they are still fairly hot so hopefully they will seal.

pamellie, Oct 6, 3:47am
And you too Buzzy.

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