"Kamo-Kamo" Pickle

bestbet5, Feb 20, 10:23pm
Please... want a really good recipe to use up my kamo kamo

uli, Feb 20, 10:37pm
Slice and fry in butter with some onions - pour over some cream and a handfull of fresh herbs - chives, basil of some sort and whatever else you fancy. Serve with a hot sizzling steak.

gregan2, Feb 20, 10:48pm
Im thinking maybe they are asking for a kamokamo recipe, but youre recipe sounds delish... yummy! !

uli, Feb 20, 10:49pm
Well yes - that is what I thought mine was LOL :)

mwah, Jan 29, 10:59pm
Is that the only pickled kamokamo recipe you know ?

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