EasyYo Yogurt in a Glass Jar

ivyplus, Jan 21, 12:56am
I tried to make EasyYo yogurt in a glass jar and it works.
What you need is:
1 Agee jar (best not the old heavy ones)
1 lid for it (without screw top)
1 EasyYo yogurt maker (with the screw on lid - some have a lid which just sits on top)
1 EasyYo plastic yogurt container (for measuring and mixing)
1 sachet yogurt
First I boil the water and fill it into the yogurt maker and sit the empty Agee jar into it. I use the usual plastic container fill it half with cold water, fill in the sachet, screw on the lid and mix well. Then I top it with cold water.
Now I fill the yogurt mixture into the Agee jar. Just slowly that it doesn't burst. Before I tried to fill the Agee jar with the mixture and put it into the yogurt maker and several times the jar did burst. But letting the glass jar getting a bit warm and then slowly fill it worked for me.

lilyfield, Jan 21, 1:45am
any other old news?

lurtz, Jan 21, 2:33am
ivyplus wrote:
I tried to make EasyYo yogurt in a glass jar and it works.

Well done! It's always good to be reminded of helpful methods and tips. I hope you enjoy your yoghurt:-)

maximus44, Jan 21, 3:05am
Thank you for this. I have just thrown my plastic jar out and it was old and the yoghurt was going off. Will try the glass jar.

paora-tm, Jan 21, 5:53am
I just started making yoghurt using milk and a spoonful of shop bought plain yoghurt. Now I just use a spoonful of the last jar to start a new one. Why do people bother with EasyYo - it's easy enough without.

ivyplus, Jan 21, 7:54am
Which yogurt brand do you use for this? I have tried it and it didn't work.

morrello1, Jan 21, 9:00am
I get yoghurt granules from the NZ Cheese School, mix them with milk made made up from skim milk powder & then make it in my easiyo container. The yoghurt granules are c$20+ but last e about a year so not too bad value.

paora-tm, May 1, 1:54am
I used a tablespoon of Slimmer's Choice - plain unsweetened acidophilus yoghurt.
1. Heat milk to almost boiling.
2. Pour into suitable jar.
3. Let it cool so you can comfortably hold the jar in your hand.
4. Stir in tablespoon of yoghurt.
5. Cover top and leave in warm place for 8-12 hours.

I put mine inside a steamer pot - you know, a double saucepan set - with hot water in the bottom pot. The short fat Homebrand 680g jam jars fit inside my steamer pot perfectly. I also heated the water in the pot a couple of times which probably wasn't necessary.

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