I'm After White Mustard Seeds

cookessentials, Feb 22, 2:40am
I am wanting to make a rhubarb chutney which uses white mustard seeds. I can get yellow and brown, but no white. Any suggestions?

cookessentials, Feb 22, 3:30am
anyone seen these at Bin Inn?

timetable, Feb 22, 3:45am
yep in gore! ! not sure that is much use to you tho! ! hope you can find some... . .

cookessentials, Feb 22, 3:58am
Mmmm, Gore may be a LITTLE to far to travel LOL.

winnie231, Feb 22, 9:00am
Pam - I'm heading over the hill (the Takaka Hill that is) on Friday & am happy to look for you in the Nelson/Richmond/Motueka Bin Inns & post some if I get lucky ... Rae

cookessentials, Feb 22, 6:33pm
Rae, that would be lovely. You know where I am dont you? re payment etc.

sukhita, Feb 22, 8:28pm
Hi Pam, yes ... I'll find you through the shop.

sukhita, Feb 22, 8:29pm
I've got to stop doing that ... Pam it's me - winnie231/Rae ... I'm at work & this computer is logged on in my friends account.

cookessentials, Feb 22, 9:15pm
That would be wonderful. I will check the recipe to see how much I need.

winnie231, Feb 22, 9:23pm
Pam - I've just sent you my contact details at your store.

cookessentials, Feb 23, 1:04am
Thanks Rae. I just checked at Binn Inn Masterton and they only have yellow or brown, so hopefully you might see them in your travels.

cookessentials, Feb 23, 1:07am
I just found this interesting info and they say that white mustard seeds are actually white in colour! !
Mustard seeds are from the mustard plant, which is a cruciferous vegetable related to broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. While there are approximately forty different varieties of mustard plants, there are three principal types used to make mustard seeds: black mustard (Brassica nigra), white mustard (Brassica alba) and brown mustard (Brassica juncea). Black mustard seeds have the most pungent taste, while white mustard seeds, which are actually yellow in color, are the most mild and are the ones used to make American yellow mustard. Brown mustard, which is actually dark yellow in color, has a pungent acrid taste and is the type used to make Dijon mustard.

cookessentials, Feb 23, 1:08am
I found the above info including alot more on the worlds healthiest foods site which is very interesting.

winnie231, Feb 28, 8:10am
Hi Pam,

I'm sorry to say I had no luck in the Nelson Region's 3 Bin Inns.
Maybe timetable will see this and offer you the same help from Gore ...
Good luck, Rae

cookessentials, Feb 28, 8:27am
Hi Rae, thank you for trying, but I bought yellow yesterday ( apparently, they are classed as white! - see above info) so I have made my rhubarb chutney ( eight jars) Your offer was very much appreciated Rae.

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