Just inherited an electric frypan!

bellabella3, Mar 3, 7:43pm
My mother used one for years, but I can't remember what for.can anyone help with ideas please! TIA

kokopuff, Mar 3, 7:48pm
Hash, lots of piklets, shallow fry battered fish.

oscarnz, Mar 3, 9:07pm
Anything you would use a stovetop frypan for

daleaway, Mar 3, 9:18pm
Also makes a good wok.
And is good for simmering things like asparagus that are better lying flat.
And its nice flat bottom makes it a good choice for pikelets and drop scones. You can do a roast in them no trouble.
We cooked for a year (during a reno) with an electric frypan, an electric saucepan, and a microwave. (They don't make electric saucepans any more - slow cookers seem to fill that slot.)

marywea, Mar 3, 9:34pm
I like toasted sandwiches cooked in them. Recently I have been putting a bit of oil in to cook the first side and marg. the other side.Easier to do rather than butter both sides. Don't do on full heat.
Rice rissotto-pkt of course! Have fun.

elliehen, Mar 3, 10:46pm
I was told at a recycling centre that people are buying them for home brewing ;)

pgta, Mar 4, 1:39am
Can do roasts in them as well

beaker59, Mar 4, 4:46am
My Cambodian relatives love them for steamboat type meals.

nunesy, Mar 4, 5:13am
I love mine too!Makes me feel all nostalgic - Mum used it ALOT when I was a child, then when she passed away in my teens, my Dad kept it, and now, in my 30's, I have it back. it's great for making bigger meals in, ie stirfries, bolognaise etc. plus chicken drumsticks. but really I just like the 80's feeling when I'm using it :-)

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