glass 'electric frypan type' convection oven

jesusisalive, Mar 5, 11:26am
just bought one. Made fab roast chicken, roast vege. the instruction book is rather useless (what can i expect - it is a generic one - $89 at Foodtown instead of the $200 - $300 for the 'real' thing) but can anyone tell me please-can i just use normal recipes and how do i adapt them. thanks

jesusisalive, Mar 6, 9:03pm
bump - has anyone else got one of these and what is your opinion of them?

kiwikidd77, Mar 6, 9:09pm

neil_di, Mar 7, 12:33am
Are you talking about the turbo cook oven with the glass bowl?

jesusisalive, Mar 8, 8:08am
Yes I guess so --large glass bowl with a fan motor in the lid.

neil_di, Oct 12, 3:07pm
you dont need to adapt recipes. I use mine for roasts . . reheating pie, savouries etc, cooking lasagne, some baking. You really need to experiment but it is an oven. . just more powerful than your main oven. . bacon cooks really well also scones, oven fries. Dont worry about it being a generic one. I had the original then replaced it with a cheapie and it's going fine and at the price I don't expect to get to get 20 yrs use out of it! ! ! They are power saving and I rarely use the big oven except for large quantities. If I can find my original book I will get some more details for you. Scour your local op shops for a perforated pie dish. . very handy for smaller items . A wee tip Put one rack in and the other with the going in the opposite direction. . stops stuff falling thru. Cheers Di

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