Smoking fish using an electric frypan

dreamers, Sep 12, 4:51am
Has anyone used this method and was it successful!

valentino, Sep 12, 5:33am
Have done it using an Electric Wok, (the wok comes with an inner piece of metal for this to be done), not too sure if the frypan has enough depth in it to do this though.

But intersting thoughts all the same.

sumstyle, Sep 12, 9:09am
I have smoked fish in my roasting pan on top of the stove before - I don't think it is much deeper than an electric fry pan.Generally, I now hot smoke on my bbq - so easy to do.

If you are confident that the electric frypan will get hot enough, I reckon you should give it a go.Pick a thin fillet of fish to start with - for example, I bought some filleted flounder yesterday (cos it was only a dollar more than the whole fish) and it only cost $2.40 for effectively two sides of flounder, with the skin on.So yummy.

dreamers, Sep 12, 10:10am
Thanks for replies.i have read it is successfulso will give it a go.

nauru, Sep 12, 10:29am
Let us know how you go as I would like to try it too.

gerry64, Sep 12, 10:50pm
I have - but found it much easier to get the old boy to do it out on the BBQ

valentino, Sep 13, 12:12am
Agreed that the BBQ method is far superior, get a better smoking flow and is outside, lol.

lythande1, Sep 13, 12:39am
It would only hot smoke not cold smoke.

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