Cakes in electric frypan

mindi1, Jul 3, 11:35am
I know . sounds weird, but apparently it can be done.
The oven in the house I am renting is HOPELESS. I have bought (well, acquired via airpoints) a banquet electric frypan. The instruction book says that it can be used for cakes but doesn't give any guidance really.
I will need to get a wire rack to sit the cake pan on but . apart from that piece of logic . I am bereft of other information.
Anyone have any experience of this. What sort of temperature, time would apply, or rather, how would I adjust cooking time from cakes intended for oven baking!
Thanks in advance.

red38, Jul 3, 11:37am
If you scroll down this page there are recipes and tips :)!t=4761&sid=8ff0f60145b5ce2a872ed7211ea022ce

mindi1, Jul 3, 11:43am
Fantastic. Thank you.

mindi1, Jul 4, 8:12am
I. Don't. Think. I. Will. Ever. Cook. In. Oven. Again!
Fanbloooooody tastic way of baking.

tich50, Jul 4, 9:22am

kuaka, Jul 4, 10:11am
So what did you bake and how did you do it.I'm very keen to learn as my oven is a bit erratic.

mindi1, Jul 4, 11:29am
I made my favourite chocolate cake. Put cooling rack on pan and pre-heated on high-sear. Recipe said 50 mins so put timer on to 40 mins. 50 mins was perfect. If I appeared over-excited in message #4 that was because my oven has under-delivered for a year and this recipe produced 3" cakes. Tonight's effort produced a 5-incher!

kuaka, Jul 4, 11:46am
Awesome.Must try it next time instead of putting the oven on.

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