Best Non Stick Frypan?

donnalouise, Nov 10, 8:20pm
Can anyone tell me what is a good non stick frypan. I've had a few and the coating always comes off which can't be healthy. Any ideas please?

lythande1, Nov 10, 11:23pm
Cast iron is the ONLY one.
All the coatings, teflon, stone, whatever are crap.

Season your cast iron pan - this means heat it gently, coat with oil or better yet, fat and wipe out the excess.
never put in a dishwasher, gently soak if needed, but it shouldn't, never scrub and re-season after every clean.

You'll never use a non-stick again.

hidecote01, Nov 10, 11:44pm
Problem is they are as heavy as hell as you get older.

gertie, Nov 11, 12:25am
Scan pan is great if you can afford one! The trick is to never ever put water anywhere near them when they're hot! It will warp the metal and make them peel. Just rinse out with water when cool! and wipe, don't use dishwashing liquid!

muzza3, Nov 11, 12:44am
Scanpan SS, second , Tefal , 3rd cast .In fact most Stainless pans , up to temp , bit of oil good to go .
If unsure , youtube of SS in use

punkinthefirst, Nov 11, 1:29am
A well-seasoned cast iron pan, treated as post #2 suggests, really can't be beaten. Yes, they can be heavy, but you can get them in many different sizes - the last ones I bought were $30 for 3, ranging in size from 15 cm all the way up to around 30 cm

karlymouse, Nov 11, 2:43am
Yes agree. full of hot food and weakening wrists is not a good combination.

clair4, Nov 11, 3:14am
Where to buy a good cast iron pan?

nzdoug, Nov 11, 3:20am
WEve had the Fiskars hard surface 28 cm fry pan for 3 weeks.
So far, so good.
WIll purchase 20 cm model soon.
They go on sale on 20% off every other week at Stevens.
Gave up on Circulons.

lythande1, Nov 11, 3:31am
I am older. Yes it is heavy. So? I leave it on the oven. I doesn't get put back in a cupboard.

buzzy110, Nov 11, 3:31am
I have found that non-stick stuff always comes off and it is necessary to buy new pans on a regular basis. Cast steel and cast iron are the exception because you put your own coating on when you first buy and if it comes off then you just repeat the process - no biggie.

I have had Green pans which have lasted a really long time, 3 years at least. The coating doesn't come off but their non-stick seems to be less effective over time. I currently have a copper coated frying pan ($25 from P-n-S) which has just about the best non-stick surface ever and heats up really fast. I use this, when I want to be assured of complete non-stick, but stick mostly to my cast steel or spun steel (carbon steel) frying pan for most things.

twindizzy, Nov 11, 3:33am
I had a pricey Le Creuset and it flaked too

uli, Nov 11, 7:47am
The problem with non-stick is that you cannot heat the pan to a temp that fries things. Anything over 200 degrees C will demolish the coating over time and you end up eating it.

If you cannot handle a cast iron pan then buy a thin steel fry pan. I have 3 sizes and if I am correct they are still made in Dunedin for chefs in NZ.
No chef actually uses a non-stick pan as it never gets hot enough to fry anything without disintegrating the coating. In addition most are made of aluminium which do not transfer heat anyway.

So try Southern hospitality. Their pans start at 12cm and go up to 40cm (my biggest). Here are some links:

And yes they cost more than a 5 dollar warehouse pan - but then if you look after it you can leave them to your kids and grand kids. My oldest one is about 60 years now.

Why do you think steel woks are used so extensively for fast fried food?

nzdoug, Nov 11, 8:01am
Fiskars can accept high heat, even whilste cooking.

karlymouse, Nov 11, 8:02am
Its more that its heavy and then heavier with hot liquid in it that is problem with a lot of older people who have arthritic problems - not just heavy when empty.

hidecote01, Nov 11, 8:26pm
Yes totally agree. My mum had arthritis in her arms and hands and its not until you get it yourself that you can appreciate the problems every day activities can be affected.

wendalls, Nov 14, 6:44pm
Yes. I am not yet 50 but my wrists have started giving way with shooting pains if I lift heavy kitchen items as I used to. I am having to adapt to do things more safely given that I am cooking large amounts.
I bought a baccarat Pete Evans pan for doing omelettes. So far so good. Very easy clean. Was half price.

camper18, Dec 4, 8:02am
Chefs Tools. Party plan but best one I have ever had. Not cheap but have had no problem with it in 3 years. Bought a set of fry pan and casserole for my grandaughter who couldn't find a decent pan.

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