Pavlova help

alebix, Mar 6, 11:04am
Hi there,

I have a great pavlova recipe.

Now my only issue is that it sinks.

It makes a darn good 3 inch high pav, but will sink a good inch when cooled.
It isnt gooey it has a thick crust on the outside and the middle is really marshmellowy. . its very tasty.
But it sinks...

Can you help please?

Thank you

landylass, Mar 6, 11:09pm
Not sure why its sinking. I wouldn't worry. Taste is what matters! ! ! ! I have several recipes and while some of them are really crunchy on the outside, the inside usually sinks. There is a Jo Seagar receipe for a "pav cake"and thats the only one I use thats just crisp on outside and really soft inside, that doesn't sink.

alebix, Mar 7, 12:57am
thanks Landy I will google for the recipe.

vinee, Mar 7, 4:30am
Isnt it supposed to sink in the middle?
I always thought that was how pavs are. So you can fill em with cream and fruit.
So long as you have a really good crust and a good sized marshmellowy centre - well that's a pav in my book!

buzzy110, Mar 7, 6:55am
The 'crust' of homemade ones sink. That is the reality. Trouble with pavs is that people see the bought ones that have been put through processes that the home baker just cannot replicate, and then expect theirs to look exactly the same. The beauty of homemade products is that it is always going to be different, much nicer and way more tasty than anything that could be bought.

Therefore stop worrying about what is absolutely natural.

sporty32, Mar 7, 7:45am
Make sure you beat it for 10-12mins whilst adding in the suger... I think that is the key. I put mine in the oven for 1 1/2 hours and turn off the oven and leave it in there until it's cool. Perfect every time!

alebix, Oct 9, 3:07pm
Thanks Buzzy, I will stop worrying now.

Sporty, my recipe says to bake at 100c for 2 hours which I did.
I had a lovely thick crust...

I just got myselfa stand mixer so it was beating for well over 10 mins. . I only use caster sugar too.
But I dont have any issue with it weeping.

It still tasted good. Just wish it wouldnt sink.