Best Ever Recipe for Escargot

katalin2, Mar 6, 8:59am
went to a great little French restaurant last night and had a yummy entre- asked the chef for recipe: Night before snails are required, place snail bait around your garden. In the morning, collect up dead snails. Rinse well in strong brine solution. Make 3 slits in each shell. Go back in garden and find some long fat worms. Rinse worms in brine solution as well. Carefully split worms, placing a large garlic clove in each cavity. Now place stuffed worms inside each snail in through the splits you have made in the shell. Bake in very hot oven dotted with butter until shells become crunchy enough to eat. Serve with hunks of week old bread. Enjoy!

subo, Mar 6, 9:05am
A classic. love it Well done.

mwood, Mar 6, 9:12am
good tip on the bread thanks - who would have thought of that ? - I'm sure most of us would have taken the short cut and just toasted it - good skills.

subo, Mar 6, 9:22am
This is what I love about our TM recipe board. The tips make it so worth while.

elliehen, Mar 6, 10:08am
What about marinated slugs? Bury small jars up to within half a cm of their tops in the garden, with 2cm of beer in the bottom of each. Slugs will be drawn to the beer and because their last moments will be stress-free, they will remain tender and juicy. Yum:)

lulu239, Mar 6, 10:28pm
Katalin, does the recipe need any seasoning? I feel that it is missing something, not being critical of course.

aphra1, Mar 6, 10:29pm
It's got butter so maybe sweetened condensed milk?

245sam, Mar 6, 10:34pm
no IMO you're right lulu239, maybe katalin2 forgot to mention the salt (epsoms for preference) and pepper (again for preference, use cayenne). Otherwise a great recipe and one that should be very affordable as snails can be found in all or most garden areas, and homegrown is definitely the way to go nowdays - more affordable and one can control the use and type of chemical additives. :-))

245sam, Mar 6, 10:36pm
Now there's a thought, Caramel Crunch Escargots - either add the sc milk to the escargots or serve them with THE caramel sauce. :-))

vinee, Mar 6, 10:43pm
What a fabulous Freegan recipe!
Served with a grass clipping salad andscm dressing.

darlingmole, Mar 7, 12:27am
mmmm I'm feeling hungry after all this, think I'll head out to the garden and find me a wee treat!

245sam, Oct 7, 12:58pm
but wait, darlingmole! If you're going to follow katalin2's recipe you can't have the escargots today, well... . . unless you already put the snail bait out yesterday - if you didn't those tasty morsels will be more alive than you need them and the recipe just won't stack up to be the tasty treat it's supposed to be. :-))

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