Chicken breasts $23.00 kg!

rodg.sue, Jan 16, 4:16am
Gees I nearly fell over "Mad Butcher" We need you down here! needless to say we brought thighs 5 of for $7 or 2 breasts for $14!!!

vintagekitty, Jan 16, 4:18am
I think thighs taste just as good, food prices are getting insane

uli, Jan 16, 6:15am
I think thighs taste better and are not too dry either.

indigo1, Jan 16, 6:38am
mad butcher isn't cheap at all and has some of the worst quality meat of all here in AKL

valentino, Jan 16, 6:51am
Best to buy a whole chicken and do it yourself..... simply debone all then use meat for whatever, especially at that price.

shazzadude1, Jan 16, 6:55am
Chicken breasts were $10.99 a kg this week, less than half the price of the ones in #1.

accroul, Jan 16, 7:39am
I've been eyeing up chicken breasts for the past 3 weeks. I haven't bought any - all because they (butchers) have taken the skin off.

indigo1, Jan 16, 7:42am
I saw that - and did you see how poorly they were cut and the amount of rubbish still on them? When you remove that it certainly puts the per kg price up

indigo1, Jan 16, 7:43am
foodtown have them this week 10.99 skin on but u have to buy atleast a kg

uli, Jan 16, 8:11am
Different town I guess?

socram, Jan 16, 8:18am
We pay top dollar for houses, pretty good prices for uncooked food... You obviously have the opposite.Take your pick.

timetable, Jan 16, 8:26am
countdown have them on special from mon at $11 kg....

crails, Jan 16, 7:53pm
I got 4kg of breasts yesterday from the Mad Butcher.I only shop there when he has his chicken specials

momma1, Jan 16, 8:25pm
ii shop at paknsave in tauranga and their chicken breasts are usually 18.99-23 a kg. it never fails to give me a fright and their thighs aren't much better. and although i don't eat them often, damn sausages are what 8.99????

duckmoon, Jan 16, 8:53pm
I prefer thighs - more flavour and don't dry out...

aragorn2003, Jan 16, 8:58pm
yeah they usually have a tegal special once a month on breast for 10.99 a kg . i thought they had it last week so might have ended yesterday

ant_sonja, Jan 16, 9:01pm
We just buy a large free range chicken once or twice a month. They cost between $18 and $25 depending on where I buy from. I then either portion it and freeze individually or I cook one whole, in which case we get 2 or three meals from one and another 3 or 4 meals from the frozen/portioned one. I don't know if it works out cheaper actually but I guess it comes down to how often you need or want to eat chicken :-)

wron, Jan 17, 3:51am
I agree with idigo1, I bought lots of thighs last wee - all frozen - but they had alot of fat / flaps of skin underneath, several cups from 3 big packs. Still very cheap though, and great for bbqs.

carriebradshaw, Jan 17, 4:28am
I buy chicken breasts from my local halal butcher for $14 a kilo and they're trimmed pretty good as well.

uli, Jan 17, 5:04am
You could make a "cheap" meal here:
foodtown, woolworths, countdown have chicken breasts with skin on on special for $11 a kilo - and no need to worry about a farmer making his/her money throughout the year there either - so go for it - and feed "the kids" ...

kuaka, Feb 8, 7:02am
Last week our local countdown had chicken breasts on special at $18.99kg (boneless and skinless).Rump steak was on special for $18.99kg, and sausages were $8.95 for 675gm or $8.50 gor 540gm, depending on the flavour.They are usually around $12.99kg but over $15 to me is a ridiculous price to pay for snarlers.