Annabel Langbein's Poached Chicken Breasts?

jessie981, Feb 26, 3:28am
anyone got recipe please.

nfh1, Feb 26, 4:28am

jessie981, Feb 26, 4:32am
Thanks very much. Have you used this recipe!

nfh1, Feb 26, 4:42am
Yes I have - but not the star anise as I did not have any!I had it with a huge salad and it was lovely, really moist.It is so easy, I just brought it to the boil and then left it, then I had one with the salad and used the other the following day for sandwiches.I think poaching is a lovely way to cook chicken.

jessie981, Feb 26, 5:15am
Good, doing salad with ours & have to have oven fries.

pickles7, Feb 26, 5:59am
Scary chicken.I would not even taste it.