Cream cheese & chicken breasts

chchgurl, May 29, 8:27am
does anyone have a recipe for chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese? TIA :)

aadunn77, May 29, 9:15am
mix with mushrooms, walnuts and semi dried toms. And grate some parmesean in too

melford, May 29, 9:45am
Slice breasts in half to make a pocket. Flour chicken breasts then dip in beaten egg then lay on breadcrumbs (I use Global Cuisine Seafood Coating). Spread each chicken breast with cream cheese, chopped sundried tomatoes and place 4 spinach leaves on top. Fold over then secure with toothpicks. Place on sprayed baking paper and bake 180 C 45 minutes. Serve with Watties Bit on the Side Plum Sauce. These are absolutely delicious!

alewis, May 29, 11:00am
the best - cream cheese sundried tomatoes pharmesian cheese and sweet chilli sauce mix together and put into pockets then in a saucepan get some basil pesto put extra oil and wine in and drizzle on top of the cooked breasts just delightfull

jezabell, Jun 18, 9:01am
I like Cream cheese and apricot mixed together as the filling. Then secure with tooth picks drop in egg and then herb bread crumbs and fry gently.
another nice filling is cream cheese and pesto or broccoli and garlic butter.