Chicken Breasts

skatz1, Nov 12, 9:12pm
Anyone have any inspiring recipes that involve chicken breasts for an adult and 2 kids (nothing to spicy) . TIA :)

rainrain1, Nov 12, 10:23pm
Roll the breasts in mayo, then panko breadcrumbs, then bake in oven till cooked, no pink

valentino, Nov 12, 10:34pm
Simply just cooked the breasts then try this. You noted not too spicy but these are goers. Kebabs.

Then there are some Stuffed Breasts like these to try.

All of above are NZ recipes. I personally do mine from the top of my head hence these links to give you ideas.


valentino, Dec 4, 3:56pm

Was suppose to be that last link above re Stuffed Breasts.


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