Recipe 4 Chicken breasts covered with Corn Flakes?

spiritual_life, May 28, 3:06am
My mother went to a cooking class and made chicken breasts that were covered in a kind of coat-n-cook using cornflakes... Does anyone know the recipe please? ? TIA

twindizzy, May 28, 3:10am
. 39 of a second on google... .

msfit1, May 28, 3:18am
yup i use a recipe similar. but... . . take 1 cup milk and add 1 tsp vinegar, marinade chicken in before coating.

spiritual_life, May 28, 3:30am
thanks twindizzy, hadnt thought of google... lol soggy brain from too much rain :) Cheers! !

Thanks msfit! ! Will try that too!

You're awesome!

munrotti, May 28, 4:04am
Edmonds cookbook has a recipe called crunchy coated chicken which uses cornflakes and is a family favourite here.

spiritual_life, Jun 14, 4:05pm
hmm thanks Munrotti, digging out the edmonds book as we speak...
Cheers for that!

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