Basil pesto stuffed chicken breasts recipe?

tamz15, Sep 12, 11:30am
Looking for a simple recipe for basil pesto and/or sun dried tomato stuffed chicken breasts. Have never made it before and feel like getting a little creative in the kitchen tomorrow :)

gardie, Sep 12, 6:11pm
Just run your hands under the skin of the chicken and pop your pesto in there.I prefer to use drumsticks as you can get some stuffing around the whole drum (under the skin).My favourite stuffing is a couple of mushrooms, some pesto and some sundried tomatoes all whizzed together along with a slice of white bread (to trap all the delicious juices as it cooks).

bonniefloss, Sep 12, 10:01pm
Or if using chicken breast, you can cut the breast in half lengthwise - tho don't cut all the way thru, and put your stuffing in there.I love it done with blue cheese and bacon in a nice piece of fillet steak!

greerg, Mar 15, 9:19pm
I just cut a pocket in the chicken breast and put a good gloop of pesto in.Wrap chicken breast in one or two slices of streaky bacon and cook at 190 degrees C for 20-25 minutes.I often make a sauce from stock I make wit bacon/ham bones and chicken carcases.Had this for tea tonight>