Non Basil Pesto recipies

anne1955, Sep 26, 5:47am
Hi searched Mrs Google and didn't really find much that I had in garden not enough parsley or coriander But want to make some pesto's any ideas cheaper the betters Have a rocket and macadamia one but macadamia's 72 per kg I brought 70g so will adapt that to fit (I hope) Have a semi decent supply of nuts in pantry but no pine and no intention of buying any lol Have walnuts and nice macadamia oil and olive and sundried tomatoes So any ideas Please.

dibble35, Sep 26, 5:58am
One day I made 3 kinds of pesto. Basil, parsley, and kale pesto. My nephew and I both preferred the kale pesto out of the 3. I just used the standard basil pesto recipe and substituted the different greens.

fiona174, Sep 26, 6:47am
1/2 cp walnuts, 1 cp rocket,juice 1 lemon,2 Tb olive oil, 1/2 Tb walnut oil, or olive oil, 1/2 Tb grain mustard, salt & pepper

samanya, Sep 26, 6:54am
I'm interested in the kale pesto.
I must give it a go.

I grow Cavolo Nero to make kale chips for the kids in my family & they love them . so I'm sure they'd like a pesto.
I don't like it as a vege, so any other options are appreciated.
I freeze my pestos, do you, or do you make them 'to order'?

dibble35, Sep 26, 7:56am
Hah, it was actually Cavalo Nero I made it out of now that i think about it, I've frozen pesto in the past, but havnt made it for awhile as I dont have a blender. still want to buy a Kitchen Wiz like my mum had - one day. I've made Cavalo nero into a soup before with noodles, Quick boil in stock with quick cook noodles, is quite yummy. may have added parmesan cheese on top as well I think

samanya, Sep 26, 8:07am
Thanks . I really have to think 'outside of the square' to try more uses for Cavolo Nero . love it baked as 'chips'.

anne1955, Sep 26, 8:52am
Thanks people I made a sundried tomato one I found online was tasteless so after adding rosted walnuts, a chargrilled pepper some chilli and finally some olives it ok just ok. I dislike the look of kale but might have to bite bullet and actually try it lol. Think the sundried one might be nice if I had used my sundried tomatoes. I buy sun valley semi sun dried toss them into a container cover with 50% good olive oil and 50% good balsamic vinegar and they last for ever if not eaten, and being alone now one pky lasts over a year. I used a jar of Homebrand sundried tomatoes and took nearly a jar. guess it back to get what you buy. A packet of Sun Vally costs less than the jar and I'll buy and replace my stocks they where gutless. I'll see what others come up with :) Thanks

245sam, Sep 26, 11:00am
anne1955, I am not trying to be so rude as to imply that you have a garden full of weeds but a couple of years ago I read and kept from one of our freebie papers a very interesting article about using weeds for cooking. The article had pictures to identify the weeds for the included recipe for Wild Weed Pesto. I have not made the pesto but you are welcome to have the recipe if you would like it. :-))

annies3, Sep 26, 7:02pm
Hi Anne, we have around 40 pine nut trees here and they are producing now, it is a complicated process extracting the nuts (seeds) and I now realise the reason for the expense, it is time we started collecting the cones for a new batch, we are new to pesto and it is great to have our own nuts.

anne1955, Sep 26, 9:08pm
Hi am always interested in new recipes so would be nice if you did post it others might like it as well. I moved house a year ago not that part og the section here hasn't got a mass of weeds as well. I have a mass of hemlock Ok that's naughty but does sound a good idea sometime. Now I had a baby rocket pesto recipe And a friend here picks it and puts in his salad mixes so brought me some around. But it was so, so strong really non eatable unless it was single small leaf at a time. I brought baby rocket at supermarket and its much milder so used that.

anne1955, Sep 26, 9:13pm
Yes so many nuts are so expensive and I imagine that that labour is a big part. As a saffron grower for many years have seen so many put off by this. But you could sell on here of at markets and if you had excess and being so close I'd be interested.
Good on you for giving it a go maybe peanut style butter would be worth making as well as pesto even for home use.

245sam, Sep 26, 11:38pm
Here you are anne1955.

3 good big handfuls of landcress, fathen, chickweed, sheep's sorrel + young tender leaves of puha, cleavers and dandelion
(you can also include mint, rocket, parsley, coriander and flowers of nasturtium and calendula plants)
½ cup good extra virgin olive oil
¼ tsp salt
½ cup roasted peanuts/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds/almonds/ cashews or pine nuts
1 tbsp parmesan or feta cheese (optional)
juice of 1 lemon
2-3 large garlic cloves, depending on taste

Put all ingredients into a food processor and thoroughly mix.
You can start eating immediately but the flavours blend more the longer it sits.

Wild Weed Pesto will last refrigerated for up to 1 month. Pressing the herbs down under the level of the oil will help to keep it fresh and tasty.
Wild Weed Pesto can also be frozen in small potties - perfect for that spring barbecue or picnic.

Would love feedback re your thoughts if anyone does give making and trying this pesto a go. :-))

squeakygirl, Sep 27, 5:00am
Watercress makes nice pesto. I use cashew nuts and parmesan.

anne1955, Sep 27, 10:01am
Thanks not sure I'd know when I saw some of those things but my 'friend' that gave me the wild rocket have point out many things to me like miners lettuce I think it was and know he has so much in his garden, Have to admit tad worried after tasting his wild rocket and it being so strong against what I brought. But I am a give most things a try so will find what I can and ask him what things are. Shame about the hemlock sure I could have found some people I'd have given that to as pesto lol But thanks for posting don't get as much time her as I might but do keep an eye on my posts so will keep you posted.

anne1955, Sep 27, 10:02am
Cheers my mate grows that so may hit him up for some. Thanks

ruakokopatuna, Sep 27, 10:22am
There is a very nice rocket pesto in Rowan Bishop's Vegetarian Kitchen, which uses rocket, parsley, garlic and ground almonds, with parmesan and olive oil. I ran out of parmesan once and substituted grated tasty cheese and reduced the olive oil, it was just as nice!

245sam, Sep 27, 11:20pm
You're welcome anne1955. I'll keep an eye out for your feedback, but I had hoped to find, and I looked unsuccessfully for a link to the article that was in our freebie paper - very often the articles/recipes can be found later on the internet but not in this case which is unfortunate because the article included a picture and info re each of the weeds listed as ingredients for the pesto. :-))

fey, Dec 21, 12:47am
Like Squeakygirl I make watercress pesto.

Really like it.