basil pesto and chicken?

bucjo, Feb 7, 9:28am
i made a delicious homemade thai basil pesto yesterday. how could i use it with chicken to make a meal? never really used it for anything more than putting on crusty bread as an entree.

245sam, Feb 7, 9:51am
bucjo, a couple of thoughts for you for... . .

1. boneless chicken breast fillets - cut a pocket in the each chicken breast and stuff the pocket with some of your pesto and a cheese of some sort (cream cheese? feta? ), then secure the stuffing in place by closing the pocket - using toothpicks/skewers or by wrapping the chicken in bacon.
2. whole roast chicken - place some of the pesto under the skin of the chicken - using your hands gently ease the skin away from the chicken flesh then place small 'blobs' of the pesto where your hands were and rub your hands over outside of the chicken skin to spread the pesto over the flesh.

Hope that helps. :-))

bucjo, Feb 8, 2:29am
mmm those sound yum.

any other ideas? i had a flatmate who used to do a sauce with pesto but don't know how she got it to go saucy...

loafer1, Jul 30, 6:18pm
I saw this in the supermarket today, bought it and had it for tea. Chicken thigh meat (was too dark looking to be breast) rolled and wrapped in bacon. It had some sort of pesto flavouring that resembled a knob of butter but melted over the chicken like a cheese. I'm not sure if this helps but maybe a wise one will be able to fill us in on how to do the topping. I'll certainly be trying to do it myself because it was so yummy!