Chicken schnitzel stuffed with Basil pesto and

fpress, Apr 27, 9:41am
wrapped in bacon. What do you think? Schnitzel is not crumbed- just thin fillets really. Baked in oven. Any other ideas?

cookessentials, Apr 27, 9:46am
Not sure if the combo would be right. Traditionally it is crumbed and then ham and gruyere(sp) cheese in the middle, rolled and held together with a toothpick and baked in oven.

fpress, Apr 27, 9:50am
Yes I know... . but don't eat ham... don't like cheese with chicken either. Was going to roll the chicken ( as you would a pig in a blanket) wrap with bacon.

cookessentials, Apr 27, 9:52am
Oops, I stand corrected, just noticed it was CHICKEN scnitzel, not beef! ! Yes, I would say that would work ok.

cookessentials, Apr 27, 9:54am php/pi_pageid/10/pi_recipeid/79 this sounds like a nice one as well.

fpress, Apr 27, 9:55am
Thanks for that :)

fpress, Apr 27, 9:58am
Yummo... . Looks fab... love mushrooms. Might have to change plans for tomorrow nights dinner.

fisher, Apr 27, 11:50am
Your chicken schnitzel with avocado and then bacon wrapped... lots of black pepper. . great combo...

minik8e, Apr 28, 4:33am
It's yum... . our local butcher does something similar but with chicken breasts, and we ate them a lot before I got pregnant. Absolutely delicious. I was going to try and make them myself but basil pesto is expensive! ! !

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