Schnitzel cut beef

lofty010247, May 20, 12:32am
Have a heap of this in the freezer . any suggestions for what to use it for apart from stir-fries and as schnitzel (hate doing the crumbing LOL!) . Stuffed up the cutting selection when we had a beast killed and now I'm lumbered with it. Can I use it in casseroles etc.
Thanx - Mrs L:

rainrain1, May 20, 12:41am
Casserole it of course you can, stuff and roll it, holding together with tooth picks, brown and bake in casserole. Flash fry it without the crumbs, and make a mushroom sauce. Make beef stroganoff,
There are heaps of lovely recipes in the MEAT thread below

raj62, May 20, 12:52am
Minute steak sandwiches or bugers, beef stroganoff.

245sam, May 20, 1:00am
lofty010247, here's a recipe using schnitzels that we have enjoyed for many years.

I modified the original recipe as I visualised the bread on the outside of the rolls (as in the original recipe) becoming mushy and thickening the gravy rather than being a filling/’stuffing’ for the meat.

1 packet soup mix (I use French Onion or Oxtail)
1½ cups water
ready-mixed mustard (mild, hot, grainy)
herbs (I usually use dried mixed or thyme but whatever is available and preferred)
per person: 1 thinly cut beef slice/schnitzel
1 crustless thinly cut slice bread (white, wheaten, grain…)

In an ovenproof dish mix the soup mix and water, ensuring that there are no lumps. Bring the soup mix-gravy to the boil in the microwave whilst stirring it every minute or so. Allow the gravy to cool.
Lay the meat on a flat surface and quite generously spread each slice with mustard. Place 1 bread slice on each meat slice. Sprinkle the bread with herbs (not too generously). In the same way as one would roll spring rolls, fold the sides of the meat in (if sufficiently big enough) and roll the meat whilst encasing the bread. Secure the rolls with toothpicks. Place the rolls in the gravy and cover the dish.
Bake at 160°C-180°C for 1-1½ hours – the time will depend mainly on the size of the meat rolls.

Hope that helps. :-))

sampa, May 20, 1:20am
Sometimes I just slice it up a bit (sort of medium sized pieces) and throw it in a flatish baking dish with low sides, add an Italian inspired tomato type sauce (so lots of basil, oregano, garlic. chilli if you want a bit of heat maybe some red wine etc) and sprinkle a thick layer of breadcrumbs (can mix inn some parmesan if you like it) on top and bake in a moderate oven till done - 180 for around 25-30 minutes from memory. It's a great cheats way to have crumbed schnitzel and there's nothing stopping you from making any additions to suit your own tastes - sliced mushrooms maybe. Alternatively you could layer the meat/sauce/crumbs and cook that way which opens the door to extra veggie layers (like baby spinach for example) if you want to cover all your bases.

You may need to adjust the time a bit - my 'default' cooking temp is fanbake 180C and for a dish like this I start checking after about 20 minutes to see how it's looking. more people to cook for obviously means more food = longer cooking time.

lofty010247, May 20, 3:14am
Thanx all . these ideas have really given me something to think about and cant wait try them!

sampa, May 20, 3:20am
If you get desperate my husband likes to sweet talk my out of half my schnitzel purchase on occasion and make a version of beef jerky with it. Have to admit it can be pretty tasty (apart from the time he overcooked = burned the whole lot) making me a not so happy wife. Schnitzel not being the cheapest cut of meat to purchase after all.

lofty010247, May 20, 4:41am
Thanx Sampa . any chance of a recipe?

awoftam, May 20, 6:45am
OMG I love schnitzel. stuffed with mozarella and ham crumbed and fried in a herb butter. stunning. Haven't had it for ages. Going to cook it tomorrow night now I have read this thread.

jane8, May 20, 7:45am
I know you are looking for alternatives to crumbed schnitzel, but I add a tablespoon of cornflour & flour to the egg, coat the meat then straight into breadcrumbs - saves one more step, less messy bowls. Also use sliced schnitzel for curry.

unknowndisorder, May 20, 7:51am
I also hate crumbling schnitzel, but as my husband loves it (I admit to liking eating it as well), I use disposable gloves if I have to do it.

Not sure what it is about it, as am happy making dough and bread by hand, but crumbing is horrible (I also use the gloves when crumbing fish).

valentino, May 20, 8:15am
Hmmmm, Never use breadcrumbs on my Schnitzel, just an egg & Milk wash then floured and repeated again. Best ever overall.

valentino, May 20, 8:25am
Beef Olives

6 to 10 beef schnitzels (depending on size)

2 cups fresh breadcrumbs
75g butter, chilled and grated
½ teaspoon celery seeds, crushed, optional
½ teaspoon each dried thyme & oregano
Grated rind 2 lemons
1–2 onions, peeled and sliced
1 cup chopped prunes
¼ cup flour
2½ cups beef stock
¼ cup redcurrant jelly (optional)
¼ cup HP or Worcestershire sauce

Turn the slow cooker on to low to pre-warm while preparing the ingredients. To make the stuffing, mix together the breadcrumbs, butter, celery seeds, thyme, oregano and lemon rind.
Place one schnitzel on top of a piece of damp plastic wrap on a chopping board. Sprinkle the meat with a little water and cover with a second sheet of plastic wrap. Hit firmly with a mallet or rolling pin to flatten the schnitzels so they are an even thickness. The dampened plastic will help prevent the meat from tearing. Cut the schnitzels in half cross-wise.
Place a spoonful of stuffing on each piece of beef and roll up to enclose the filling. Secure with a toothpick.
If wishing to brown the ingredients: Heat a dash of oil in a frying-pan and fry the beef olives until well browned. Brown the onion if wished.
Put the beef olives, onion and prunes into the pre-warmed slow cooker. In a jug, mix together the flour, stock, redcurrant jelly if using and HP or Worcestershire sauce, and pour over the beef olives. Cover with the lid. Cook on low for 6–7 hours or on high for 3–4 hours. Serve the beef olives with seasonal vegetables.
Oven Cooking Option:
Cook, covered in an ovenproof casserole dish in a pre-heated 160C oven for two hours or until the meat is tender.

fifie, May 20, 9:58pm
Baked schnitzel.
Schnitzel plain or crumbed.
Favourite chutney,sliced onion,sliced tomato,1 Tsp crushed ginger, sprinkle curry powder, grated cheese 1 tblsp oil.
Lightly brown schnitzel both sides in a pan.In a bowl put onion oil, curry garlic seasoning toss to coat. Spread chutney over meal size pieces of schnitzel, spoon onion mixture over then few slices tomato, top with grated cheese. Put in oven proof dish and cover with foil bake 160c 3/4 hour take off foil and brown top till golden and crusty.
Fill pieces plain schnitzel with herb stuffing roll up secure with toothpick, rub with oil crushed garlic sprinkle s/p brown in hot frying pan put all into slowcooker pour some mixed gravy around them and cook till tender and done. Remember to pull toothpick out before serving.

tex-tickle, May 20, 10:22pm
I too hate crumbing.
Now I use bags for the flour and crumbs, only the egg is in a bowl. Ordinary shopping bags from the supermarket, put seasoned flour in one and crumbs in another. Shake the meat in the flour bag, dip in egg, then (more carefully) crumb the meat in the other bag. I leave it in the crumb bag to dry until I'm ready to cook it.
Confines most of the mess, and, just chuck the bag and left over dry ingredients in the rubbish when you're finished.

lofty010247, Jul 20, 6:10pm
wow . am impressed with the ideas here . cooking is a chore so don't have much imagination when it comes to things like this
THANK YOU one & all

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