Pork Schnitzel Recipes Wanted Please

tommi2, Aug 15, 10:27am
Something other than crumbing it. TIA

winnie231, Aug 15, 10:30am
Hi tommi2 - fill it, roll it up & bake it in a sauce/gravy ... like beef olives.

winnie231, Aug 15, 10:46am
You've got my imagination running now ...
to expand on my other post -
I would mince/very finely chop apple & onion ... mix these with sage, s&p, breadcrumbs and an egg if necessary to make a nice moist stuffing (think sage & onion stuffing for a chook but fancier) ...
beat the schnitzel out so it's nice & thin, place a 'sausage' of filling across each one, roll up & secure with toothpicks.
Fit into an oven dish in a single layer & pour over apple cider or juice to come 1/4-1/3 up the rolled schnitzels. Cover with foil & bake 160C for approx 1hr. Lift out the rolled schnitzel & thicken the 'sauce' with some cornflour mixed with a little cold water.

Edited to say -
sorry I can't give you exact quantities ... this is coming off the top of my head & not from any recipe book.
Quantities would depend on the amount being made. I hope it's enough info for you to go by :)

tommi2, Aug 15, 11:01am
winnie that sounds awesome, thank you so much, will do that for tomorrow night's dinner

winnie231, Aug 15, 6:50pm
Hi tommi2 - please report back on how it turns out ... I hope it works! !
Just a note about the cider/juice - make sure it doesn't dry out ... if you tightly cover the dish with foil then it should be fine as any steam should drip back in but I'd maybe take a peep after about 40mins to be safe. You need to add enough to make a nice 'sauce' but you don't want to teach them to swim :)

winnie231, Aug 16, 6:46am
bumping to hear how the 'recipe' turned out ...

guest, Jan 11, 5:37am
You can always tell an expert! Thanks for cogtirbutinn.

guest, Jan 13, 1:09pm
This recipe looks awsmoee. Between my gluten sensitivity and my husbands diabetes (so watch the starch!), I had pretty much given up on schnitzel. I showed my husband the picture & told him the ingredients & he is sold as well. I even have chicken breasts in the freezer. in fact I have everything here already. all I need is a more empty fridge I may have to wait a week to make this- right now there are lots of leftovers.

guest, Jan 14, 8:04pm
Hi Betsy, I've just renewed my sutcirspbion with WP and there are some funny things happening! Let me check into the link issue and see if it is something I have forgotten to update. Spot the technophobe! Anyway, this dish is quick to put together and very tasty, basil is also one of my favourite herbs and I love it with tomato. Thanks for the awards and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. It was much appreciated. Rhoda :O) x

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