Homemade Basil Pesto

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uli, Mar 13, 1:06am
I used to use pine nuts until I (and others) got an allergy - that is when I found out that we do not have the European pine nuts any more in NZ, but the Chinese ones which are (obviously) much cheaper AND are another variety which is apparently not very edible and lots of people get allergic to them.

So now I use almonds or cashews or walnuts.

steve0061, Mar 13, 1:35am
I made this one last week as a vegan alternative and it was beautiful . I could only get Thai basil which I don't usually like but it was actually really good in pesto, and the pinenuts were delicious. (I used vegan parmesan instead of nutrional yeast. so just put your normal parmesan instead) I just threw it all in my old food processor and it was fine.


cinderellagowns, Mar 13, 1:39am
I'd mix the basil with parsley if it was too strong for my liking. Don't forget heaps of garlic and parmesan cheese too. I always use cashews as pine nuts are out of my budget. However, pesto is the one time I will splash out and buy a better olive oil - you really can taste the difference.

nauru, Mar 13, 2:07am
Thanks for sharing that link, great recipe. Do you make your own vegan parmesan?

lilyfield, Mar 13, 2:44am
I use sunflower seeds, makes a bargain pesto.

fruitbat, Mar 13, 2:45am
Pine nuts are good. but a bit expensive. Cashews will do.

52many, Mar 13, 6:03am
Ok. So probably the only food that has thrived in our garden this year is Basil, parsley and spuds and the odd lettuce. Still waiting for my tomatoes but the green peppers are doing well. I would like to make my own basil pesto with olive oil, garlic and cashew nuts. Our kids love the bought stuff but the home grown basil is very strong. Would I obviously add less basil, same garlic and oil with a bit more cashews? Any suggestions? Would love to freeze for all year long use in pastas, dips etc. Seems a waste to let go.

..james.., Mar 13, 8:47am
I so love making and eating basil pesto. My kids will eat it when i use sunflower seeds and lots of parmesan, a bit more salt and lemon juice.Last week i was driving around sedan area and saw some strangely pruned pine trees. Turned out to be variety grown for harvesting pine nuts. I thought that was cool as i didn't know they were grown here. Probably exported LOL.

geldof, Mar 13, 8:53am
throw some parsley into it.

samanya, Mar 13, 8:54am
I make pesto with pine nuts from home grown sweet basil & freeze it . I don't find it too strong. Is it sweet basil you've grown? Some of the other types could be stronger,.

ed65, Mar 13, 6:44pm
There are Mediterranean pinenuts being grown here in Marlborough orchards http://www.pinoli.co.nz/our-pine-nuts

wildflower, Mar 14, 1:16am
I do 1 cup basil, 3 cloves garlic, 1/3 cup each of roasted cashews and parmesan, salt and pepper and olive oil as required for desired consistancy (drizzle it in).

mecanix, Mar 14, 5:36am
a squirt of lemon juice along with a splash of zest mellows the Basil.

samanya, Mar 14, 6:01am
I use a similar recipe to wildflower & your suggestion sounds really good.
I have a heap of basil atm & have already made a lot of pesto . next batch I'll give the lemon a go.

steve0061, Mar 14, 6:08am
No I buy the Angel food one, it was really very good in this recipe!

Eta now I am craving this again, have to make some tomorrow lol!

timetable, Mar 14, 11:21am
parsley makes lovely pesto. i use roasted almonds - cheaper and just as nice with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, and parme cheese

blueviking, Mar 14, 6:41pm
what do you use to chop up the basil?

samanya, Mar 14, 11:03pm
I use a mini food processor.

schnauzer11, Mar 14, 11:08pm
Likewise. For chopping herbs for meals I use a mezzaluna, but for pesto, the blender. OP, if you have plenty of parsley, it makes a lovely pesto with cashews or peanuts.

wendalls, Mar 14, 11:27pm
Could I freeze my store bought basil do you think?

wildflower, Mar 15, 1:46am
I do the whole pesto in the small bowl of my processor, just drizzling the oil in the top as needed last.

buzzy110, Mar 15, 5:29am
As does rocket and basil. I also used to throw in some curly kale (not a lot). While pine nuts are traditional I really like the sound of toasted cashew and peanuts.

nauru, Mar 15, 6:11am
Thanks for that. I make a cashew/almond nut parmesan which is nice.

steve0061, Mar 18, 11:09am
Oh now that is very cool,well done. I am a bit lazy! Would you mind sharing that recipe? I am very interested in perhaps making my own if it's a good recipe!

meoldchina, Mar 19, 9:13am
My basil has started to go to seed. Does this mean it will taste bitter if I use it for making pesto?