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nauru, Mar 20, 6:52am
Hi steve, here it is from my Mouthwatering Vegan book
Nutty Parmesan
½ cup mixed raw cashews and almonds
2 tablsp nutritional yeast
1 teasp garlic powder
salt to taste
Combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until finely ground. Place in a covered container and store in the fridge.
Note: I also add 1 teasp onion powder to the mix.

steve0061, Mar 21, 5:15am
Wow that looks so easy too thank you so much, will try making it this weekend! Cheers!

uli, Mar 21, 5:23am
No, the leaves will still be fine and I usually harvest the seed spikes first when they start appearing. Just strip off the flowers and use as for basil. of course if they are brown and withered and really setting seeds, all you can do is save the seeds for next year and then cut the tops back and the basil will sprout again from the lower side shoots.

susan21, Mar 21, 8:04am
I use walnuts in mine. Makes a really lovely pesto.

iriegirl, Mar 21, 12:24pm
Another variation on the traditional basil pesto is coriander & hazelnuts. It is delicious

samanya, Mar 21, 11:21pm
I plan to make some today & have noticed that in some online recipes, walnuts are used & going by the comments it's great.
I have plenty of walnuts so will give it a try

katalin2, Mar 22, 2:37am
I don't use a recipe any more and just use my normal food processor bowl as I like to make a decent amount. I have heaps of parsley and smaller amount of basil growing so probably use 3/4 parsley and quarter basil. Chuck in some garlic, salt, and a handful of one of whatever nuts or seeds I have on hand- pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds or even cashew nuts. I add some grated Mainland tasty cheese and sufficient sunflower or whatever light oil I have such as rice bran oil - to get the consistency I like. Makes it much more economical than the traditional recipe and easy enough to make with store cupboard ingredients. The basil easily overpowers the parsley even in the smaller proportion.

nauru, Oct 12, 4:11pm
Thanks for sharing your recipe katalin, my basil is a bit thin on the ground but my plentyful parsley does need thinning out so I will give it a go.

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