How long do stuffed chicken breasts

teddy147, Apr 16, 3:20am
im cooking stuffed chicken breasts for dinner, they are rather large, wondering how long they would need to cook please.

jimmy2102, Apr 16, 3:51am
Maybe 45-50 mins at180 degrees, just check by cutting through thickest part, if juices are clear its done:-)

teddy147, Apr 16, 4:05am
thankyou, ive not cooked breasts stuffed with cheese before so wasnt sure.

lodgelocum, Apr 16, 4:11am
I would check after 30 minutes, I normally stuff with brie and apricots, then wrap in bacon, and they only take about 30 minutes.You don't want to overcook them.

fisher, Apr 16, 6:00am
hmmm 12-15 mins each side.200 .50 mins is way too long.they will continue to cook while resting.