Am wanting to make stuffed chicken mini roasts

cherie19, Feb 28, 12:30am
Have a couple of recipes. One uses chicken breasts, which im not overly fussed on as meat too dry. The other uses thigh cutlets. Bought cutlets yesterday, but theres a bone in the middle. Would have to cut the bone out somehow i spose. Does wrapping the chicken in bacon slices give a more tender result? Any other recipes you may have for these would be much appreciated. Cheers

fruitluva2, Feb 28, 12:43am
Some people remove the skin from chicken but have not heard removing bones for a roasts. I just roast till cooked and tender, bacon to me just adds flavour so am not sure whether it aids in tenderising chicken.

crystalmoon, Mar 4, 1:10am
The bones in thigh cutlets are easy to remove, just follow along the bone with sharp knife, paring knife is good as its sharp and small. You can then bang meat to slightly flatten, place desired filling in middle(cream cheese, onions, capsicums, herbs, -
cheese or breadstuffing) and roll up. bacon will help hold it together, looks great and adds more flavour. use the bacon rashers.

cherie19, Sep 28, 6:43pm
Well thankyou crystalmoon, i wouldnt have thought about banging it to make it flatten slightly, but sounds like a great idea.

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