Baguette stuffed with salmon and cream cheese

fourz, Oct 13, 10:10am
I had this recipe a few years ago and of course now that I want to make it again I can't find the recipe. Is there any chance that someone out there may be able to help me out. It has cream cheese,salmon and ???? mixed together then stuffed into a hollowed out baguette.Fingers crossed that someone will know what I am talking about!!!Thank you in anticipation.Rae

samanya, Oct 13, 9:35pm
Is it this one?
2 small bread sticks
250g cream cheese
1 tab lemon juice
100g smoked salmon
3 green shallots
Cut ends from bread sticks, remove soft bread from centre without breaking crust. Blend/process cheese & lemon juice until smooth, add salmon & shallots, blend until smooth. Spoon mixture into bread sticks, wrap in plastic wrap & refrigerate. Slice when ready to serve.
Can be frozen, up to a month.

fourz, Oct 14, 2:31am
Thank you so much samanya that is exactly what I was wanting. You are an angel.

samanya, Oct 14, 3:39am
great ...pleased to help.

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