Stuffed size 30 chicken cooking time?

lemonade, Dec 24, 8:53pm
How long does a stuffed size 30 chicken take to cook in an oven bag? I chucked the wrapping away and put chook in the oven before I checked on the weight of the darned bird! (Me being in too much of a hurry LOL). Help!

petal1955, Dec 24, 9:19pm
A size 30 chicken weighs 3kg without the stuffing....just a little tip..easy to remember weights.......a size 22 chook is 2.2kg...a size 18 is 1.8kg.....I would cook for around 2and half hours and then leave to rest for 20mins before carving

uli, Dec 24, 10:05pm
Let us know when you have had ... eventually ... your lunch ...
Good luck!

lemonade, Dec 25, 12:39am
Just checked back, having cooked my chicken and just used my initiative. The chook took exactly 2.5 hours and is lovely and moist and just right! So thank you petal you were spot on!

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