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survivorr, Jan 12, 6:24am
Sob...I've lost the instructions...can someone help, please....vinegar and condensed milk and mustard....but can't remember the amounts....thx in advance....

lx4000, Jan 12, 6:31am
1/2 c vin and 1/3 to 1/2 mustard powder (totaste) and a tin of c milk:)


nik12, Jan 12, 6:31am
I just to it by taste. Tin of condensed milk, and 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of mustard (depending who I'm making it for)... maybe quarter of a cup of vinegar (then taste), then a splosh of milk.If you over vinegar, then the add more milk.

nik12, Jan 12, 6:32am
Lol, so you use more vinegar than me and less mustard :-)

kabbo, Jan 12, 6:33am
i love this dressing and i always put grain mustard in it too.
yummo. i use it in pasta salads as well.

margyr, Jan 12, 6:38am
well, i do a tin of condensed milk, a tsp of dry mustard powder and then fill the tin with vinegar, stir around and mix with the rest.

survivorr, Jan 12, 6:45am
Haven't got any dry mustard so have used some hot mustard - doesn't taste the same.must get some dry stuff tomorrow because this is my favourite salad dressing....

maximus44, Jan 12, 6:54am
It's my favourite too.

nik12, Jan 12, 6:55am
I've also got my Nana's recipe that has melted butter and I'm thinking an egg? I could probably find it if your interested - but I recon the above is just as nice and easier.

lindylambchops1, Jan 12, 8:10am
That sounds so easy.Will give it a try.Does it keep well?If you dress pasta with it, is it a cold dressing?Like a pasta salad?

margyr, Jan 12, 8:31am
Yep it does keep well, I keep mine in a screw top jar in the fridge. Not sure that I would like it on pasta, but that is up to taste. I use mine when making savoury eggs, and on lettuce salad (ice burg lettuce) it is very nice. Also on burgers and filled rolls.

korbo, Jan 12, 8:48am
grandma and my mum and now me and my daughters all make this, but grandma and mum always added a raw egg and beat it all up with handbeater. bulks up, and keeps for months.....#12...we do the same. egg mashed for sandys isnt the same without homemade dressing.

survivorr, Jan 12, 8:30pm
Amazing what you can find when you Google something....I suddenly remembered to do this and found a few variations.

lx4000, Jan 12, 8:34pm
I use it on everything that calls for mayo/salad dressing. It keeps for ages if you don't use egg or milk in it. And its up to taste.


kay141, Jan 12, 8:57pm
I make a batch using a whole tin of condensed milk but don't measure the other ingredients. I keep it in a jar in the fridge. As it thickens on standing, I use milk to thin what I need at a time if I want it runnier.

pickles7, Jan 17, 7:08am
Something else that has been altered. Condensed milk is way thinner than it used to be. I will go back to making my own condensed milk.

amm5, Jan 17, 8:48am
I prefer to use white vinegar,but you can use either,I love this dressing, and put it on everything, But it obviously isnot in any of the dieting manuals

korbo, Jan 17, 9:10am
pickles, can you tell us how.
just out of interest, i noticed on the con milk tin today, they give the recipe for the dressing, and then go on to say...use in 14days.
We have ours in the fridge for months, especially in the winter. never had any go mouldy or off ever.
I do put a whole raw egg in.....

maxi27, Jan 17, 9:15am
The condensed milk dressing also has salt in it, think the recipe on the can says 1tsp I usually use half a tsp, or to taste.

pickles7, Jan 17, 9:21am
The can I opened was runnier than it used to be. I remember having to dig the stuff out of the can, it just poured out. 14 days use by is a bit of a tell-tail isn't it. You never had to worry about it going off before. I didn't taste it, so am not sure what has been compromised, milk, butter or sugar.?.

pickles7, Jan 17, 9:23am
sweetened condensed milk
1 cup of sugar, 2 cups of milk powder, 1 Tblsp butter, 3/4 cup of boiling water. This recipe has saved me a trip to the supermarket, a few times.

spanner6, Jan 18, 3:04am
One can condensed milk then add 1/2 can white vinegar and 1/2 can malt vinegar or just one equal can malt, up to you, also add 1/2 to 3/4 tsp dry mustard and s & p.

sydney3, Jan 18, 3:52am
I use lemon juice instead of vinegar- kids seem to like this better.

rainrain1, Jan 18, 5:15am
the tin marked less fat is runny

nfh1, Jan 18, 5:22am
I wonder how this originated, was it an accident?I just cannot imagine something sweet like condensed milk on salad at all.They are not the first things you would think of putting together.

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