Pams Greek salad dressing

holly-rocks, Oct 3, 6:34am
Hi :)

I often by the pre packaged salads from New world an LOVE the Pams greek salad dressing - i could literally drink it with a spoon! well maybe not, but anyways does anyone have a recipe thats similar. Its quite runny and vinegar-ey Thank you so much :)

patsy3, Oct 3, 6:49am
Dunno about that, but I am in Lurve with the ETA Japanese Soy and Citrus low fat dressing.
A cheat on a Jamie O salad. Pkt Mung bean sprouts, half to full cup chopped coriander, half cup of cashews pan fried, then add tlbs of honey. (then cool that so the nuts get crunchy again).
Mix Mung beans and coriander, dress with above dressing. top with nuts. Yummy. ! And it is my favorite vinaigrette for green salad these days. Not as sharp as the balsamic one.

daarhn, Sep 21, 9:58am
We have wine barrel for red wine vinegar that gets topped up each grape season when making our grappa/ red table wine. It's been going over 40 years now and the vinegar is liquid gold!

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