Honey Mustard Dressing-white or malt vinegar?

jjvn, Feb 2, 4:17am
I have a recipe that i was given today but unsure about the vinegar. TIA

rainrain1, Feb 2, 4:52am
I would use white :-)

davidt4, Feb 2, 5:20am
White wine vinegar or cider vinegar. White and malt are too harsh.

rainrain1, Feb 2, 6:15am
White vinegar is delicious

tasmum, Feb 2, 7:58am
jjvn... . can you share your recipie please? We really enjoy this dressing. Thanks:)

darlingmole, Feb 2, 8:05am
has anyone heard that malt vinegar helps keep the colour of tomato when you use it for relish? ? ?

juliewn, Jul 28, 5:58pm
Hi. . I found malt vinegar in relish gives a brownish red result rather than the brighter red I get from using white vinegar. .

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