a dressing for potato salad different and healthy?

cloffie, Mar 2, 6:07am
does anyone have a nice non traditional dressing that can be used for potato salad please? not theusual creamy dressing

bedazzledjewels, Mar 2, 6:11am
In the past I've tossed the warm potatoes through a grainy French dressing - lots of wholegrain mustard and some garlic in it.

cloffie, Mar 2, 6:17am
oh that sounds yummy bedazzled jewels

kirinesha, Mar 2, 6:18am
I second Dazz's suggestion - wholegrain mustard vingarette is the way to go!

bedazzledjewels, Mar 2, 6:19am
Actually I think it compliments the potatoes (and other root veges too) better than the mayo one.

bumblebee13, Mar 2, 7:26am
could you use natural yoghurt and spring onionsseed mustard maybe chillis ? ?

crsdbl, Mar 2, 7:41am
what about a pottle of cashew, feta and herb pesto? sounds good in my head, then again i am pregnant so who knows. lol.

winnie231, Mar 2, 7:47am
bumblebee13 & crsdbl ... I think both of your ideas would taste fine.
Only one way to find out ... give it a try!
That's how new recipes are born.

alebix, Mar 2, 9:50am
I know this is creamy but different.

How about using a can or half a can of Watties just add honey mustard chicken sauce to the potatoes...

We do this often for dinner its yum.

duckmoon, Mar 2, 10:09am
if you want more healthy - I had store brought mayo and dilute with more milk - it doesn't "glug" as much...

Secret to good potato salad - chopped gerkins - a tip from a german friend.

cloffie, Mar 2, 10:14am
tell you what I did in the end cooked the potatoes. . while they were still warm I threw a tsp of curry and a tsp crushed garlic a tsp dejong mustard and some ground peppera dash of rice oil and a couple of tablespoons of baslmic dressin [which I made myself thanks to youtrader girls]. . tomatoes red onion mushrooms boiled egg some diced cucumber and it was yummy and healthy! !

cloffie, Mar 2, 10:15am
ohhhh! I never even thought of yogurt and I have a container in the fridge!

cloffie, Sep 24, 5:04pm
YUM crsdbl have just put that on my shopping list for this week!