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kara101, Dec 9, 10:18am
Hi does anyone know how long you can keep the dressing in the fridge for please? I mix condensed milk, vinegar and a little mustard together. So yummy on salad but have no idea how long it will stay ok in the fridge.

tazdevil38, Dec 9, 10:27am
I've had mine in the fridge for weeks and I'm still ok lol

petal1955, Dec 9, 5:13pm
Reassured anything with vinegar in its a natural preservative. I make mine up and leave it in the fridge for ages especially during the winter months. Believe me it will keep for a good 12 months or more.

hidecote01, Dec 9, 5:48pm
I love it and use a lot of it this time of the year so never around for long but I find it's a good keeper.

sherrydog, Dec 9, 11:28pm
Seems to last forever. Some I have in the fridge I made last summer. I think with the high content of sugar/vinegar it is possibly to keep for some time.

lythande1, Dec 10, 1:47am
Condensed milk? ! It's sugar! 56grams per 100mls.
That's about 14 teaspoons.
That must be so nasty. never mind the unhealthy.

How about a dressing instead?

rainrain1, Dec 10, 2:04am
Oh bah Humbug. who the hell eats the whole jar at once, you only need a couple of teaspoons at one time!

lythande1, Dec 10, 4:09am

rainrain1, Dec 10, 4:23am
lythande1 wrote:
Sickly. [/qu-

Stop eating it then ya sausage!

kara101, Dec 10, 8:45am
Some of the dressings in the supermarket are loaded with sugar as well or fat and god knows what other chemicals. At least if i make it at home I have an idea of what is in it and I only have a spoon on my salad.

rainrain1, Dec 10, 6:20pm
Unless you're my husband who eats half the jar at a time!

annies3, Dec 10, 6:38pm
The condensed milk recipe is one from long long ago, my mum used to make it, it can be diluted a bit as well by adding milk still seems to keep forever.

dairymaid, Dec 10, 9:23pm
Is keeps for months as long as you keep it in the fridge

cutezie, Dec 11, 8:12am
How do you make it, ?

tazdevil38, Dec 11, 8:23am
Adding malt vinegar to condensed milk. I don't measure the vinegar, just pour in what I think is about right lol

letitia, Dec 11, 8:53am
That was the only kind of salad dressing we knew in the 1950s & 60s.

kara101, Dec 11, 10:47am
Pour condensed milk into a container put about third of the amount of malt vinegar to condensed milk and a tablespoon of mustard which is optional. Mix together. Put in fridge easy and very yummy. Just add malt vinegar to taste ie add more if too sweet.

badams1, Dec 12, 2:29am
best tasting dressing ever .and its kiwi. ditch the rest, keep the best .

cottagerose, Dec 12, 4:38am
I keep mine for months. If it gets too thick from standing put a little more vinegar in. The best dressing out.

cutezie, Dec 12, 6:26am
Thanks for the how to do

kay141, Dec 12, 6:29am
Milk is good for thinning it just before use, if needed. Doesn't make it too acidic.

teap, Dec 12, 11:42pm
I've been adding a small amount of curry powder along with the mustard and vinegar. I don't have actual amounts of mustard, curry powder and vinegar do it all by taste test.
The family really like it.

skydancing, Dec 13, 3:54am
I made my Mum's boiled salad dressing yesterday. Was reading this thread and decided to make it instead of the condensed milk one. Doubled the recipe and it keeps for ages. 2 tab butter,, 4 tab sugar, creamed together add 1 tsp mixed mustard, 1/2 tsp salt and then add in 2 eggs then gradually add in a cup of malt vinear slowly while bringing to the boil, stirring all the time. Once boiled and thickened let cool and keep in lidded jar in fridge. An oldie but a goodie
To make a lovely dressing for prawns add cream and paprika and some lemon juice.

moore., Dec 13, 4:43am
recipe please, I remember this when i was a kid. but it was never boiled. Would love to have this in my fridge

skydancing, Dec 13, 4:49am
Caspm if you mean the boiled dressing I have included the recipe in my post above. It is quick and easy to cook and we always boiled it. Cheers

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