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missmuppett, Oct 17, 2:45am
Hey guys, I really want to make this salad dressing, but i have no idea on the quantities, I know it has malt vinegar in it and dry mustard power. along with the c/milk!Any ideas!

sue1955, Oct 17, 2:50am
Beat 1 can of Cond. milk
1tsp salt
1c vinegar
2tsp dry mustard all together.
Leave a few mins to thicken.
Store covered in fridge.

This is offthe Cond. milk label.

scarlettnz, Oct 17, 4:47am
Ohhh, I love this stuff.It reminds me of my childhood.

52many, Oct 17, 4:49am
Instead of beating just put all ingredients into a large jar with a screw top lid and shake. Store in fridge.

me-shell1, Oct 17, 4:51am
yuck i hate it and reminds me of my childhood as mum always made it . and still does lol. deffenitly her fav anyway.

lx4000, Oct 17, 5:56am

having it with salad and steak for tea tonbight:)

whitehead., Oct 17, 6:17am
you can cut some of the salt in that if you wont

cary14, Oct 17, 6:21am
I always make this but I add milk to thin it down as the vinegar makes it to thick.

lx4000, Oct 17, 6:23am
1 tin, 1/2 cup malt vin and 1/2 teaspoon of dry mustard. Thats how I make mine. Some times before serving it I will finely chop a lot of parsley and stir that throu.

valentino, Oct 17, 7:21am
Throw an egg in it as well, just tastes better and a nicer texture.

wouldes, Oct 17, 8:05am
with raw silverbeet and strawberrys (as a salad) sounds yuk but its great.

missmuppett, Oct 17, 10:09pm
Thanks all, I am going to make some this arvo.It also reminds me of my childhood! hahahahaGo the 80's kids! :)

elliehen, Oct 17, 11:24pm
Retro is the rage ;)

auburn4, Oct 18, 10:19am
1 tin ofLite condensed milk, a dash & splash of malt vinegar, 1/2 tsp dry mustard andlemon juice. Stir together, taste and adjust until perfect. Store in covered container in fridge.

cary3339, Oct 20, 9:11am
I always use white vinegar instead of malt and like the flavour better

pickles7, Oct 22, 8:57pm
I have finaly got my Husband to eat mayonaise.

Whole egg mayonnaise
1 whole egg
juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon whole grain mustard
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
150 mils of sunflower oil
150 mils of canola oil
You will need a stick blender and a tall beaker to make this mayonnaise.
Put the egg into the beaker first
Put the other ingredients carefully on top of the egg, so as not to disturb the egg.
Lower the stick blender in to the bottom without disturbing the ingredients.
Pulse the blender, until the ingredients start to emulsify, tilt the blender to allow the oil to be incorporated.

sarahb5, Oct 23, 1:13am
I agree but according to my kiwi friends you're not allowed to knock it until you've tried it - I tried it and whilst I won't knock it per se I found it far too sweet and cloying for my tastes.I think I'll stick to mayo, aioli or French dressing.

ayglepaygle, Oct 23, 1:44am
In my opinion, it definitely needs the full cup of vinegar otherwise it is too sickly sweet. As kids, we called it Highlander Salad Dressing as kids. It brings back childhood memories, however I prefer mayonnaise these days.

maximus44, Oct 23, 5:13am
I still make it and like it better than anything else.

seaturtle, Oct 24, 5:45am
We have started putting a little wasabi into the dressing for that extra hit yummo

blackbriar, Oct 24, 8:06am
This recipe reminds me of my childhood too and that was well before the 80's.

nfh1, Oct 24, 8:11am
Is condensed milk the thick sweet product or am I thinking of something else!

gondwana, Oct 24, 8:20am
This is how I make mine too. I also add 1/2 tsp of mild curry powder.
Of course we use to use the normal condensed milk before "lite" anything came along :)

gondwana, Oct 24, 8:23am
Yes.definately the thick sweet stuff. you may have been thinking of Evaporated milk perhaps.

nfh1, Oct 24, 8:30am
No, I was thinking of the thick sweet stuff but could not imagine it with salad, that is why I thought I had it wrong.It is probably really good, but it does sound a bit strange.

I can remember eating that off a spoon at my Gran's many many years ago - I think she used toput it in her tea!

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