potato salad recipe

mouse1, Feb 26, 12:01pm
Hi all... I am trying to find a nice potato salad recipe. I try one in the weekend and it had spring onions and cellery in it with a nice rich creamy sauce. if anyone has one like this ...could they please share it with me? :)

dbab, Feb 27, 12:49am
Type it into the search facility at left and click on anytime. You will get lots as there have been LOTS of threads for this.

nessie26, Feb 27, 1:10am
You may want to try this... hard boil 4-5 eggs, mash them with a couple of spoons of Best Foods mayo, its imperative you use this brand, mix this into your cubed potatoes along with your spring onions. Enjoy!

darlingmole, Feb 27, 1:34am
my friend does this amazing purple potato salad ... minced onion, spring onion, egg, potato, sourcream, mayo and the juice of beetroot (hence the potato colour). It looks and tastes amazing!

topherino, Feb 27, 2:39am
Thats island food! I think they call it Minus (sp). sometimes has peas in it too.

maandpa2b, Feb 27, 9:10am
I often add some fried bacon bits too. I use Eta's Potato Salad Mix, potatoes, spring onions and boiled egg

mouse1, Feb 28, 1:36am
Thanks everyone . . you are all wonderful. And dbab thankyou for the tip on the left hand side. . didnt know that was there :)

dereece, Mar 1, 10:07am
I usually make a hot potato salad which kinda sounds like the one you had in the weekend.

Dice potatoes as per normal, when cooked, in a separate pot, stircream and a cream of chicken soup sachet, and finish it with spring onions. It's ready when the cream thickens, then just add the potatoes. Gotta keep stirring as it thickens quite quickly.

Usually one bottle of Cream (500 mls? ) per one packet of sachet.

Enjoy! :)

janny3, Mar 1, 1:29pm
Nessie's eggs make a great addition to the mayo. Best Foods is a real mayo that saves making up your own from scratch. Try stirring finely chopped gherkins into the mayo to give your salad an extra boost.

cookessentials, Mar 2, 7:27am
I use red onion, capers and a mixture of good mayo and sour cream

michelle2249, Mar 13, 9:51pm
Hi Mouse,

This is a favourite - everyone seems to love it and very easy. Boil potatoes - preferably with skins on. Cut into chunky cubes. Once cooled in a bowl mix corn kernals (tinned) potato, capsicum finely chopped, red onion or any of the above really. Boil 1 - 2 eggs and cut and add in. The dressing is a mix of 50% potato salad dressing (store bought) and 50% either plain yoghurt or sour cream depending on your diet. Mix together and add in a healthy pile of chopped mint. Gently stir through potato. To top it add some very crispy fried bacon. It's delish and almost a dinner on it's own.

snapit, Oct 28, 3:59pm
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