Looking for a simple but yummy potato salad please

tarankyle, Nov 4, 7:37am
would love one with a mayo base as I have that in the fridge lol

campmum, Nov 4, 7:54am
Basic..handful chopped parsley & mint, small grated carrot, slice spring onion or some finely diced red onion or shallot, mayo to coat. Add all to potato while still warm as this gives a better flavour.

Or combine equal quantities of Best foods mayo & sour cream & add to potatoes. diced cooked bacon, spring onion or some finely diced red onion or shallot. mix well.YUMMY!

toeblister, Nov 4, 7:55am
I sometimes add sliced gerkins or radishes along with the mayo, but what we all love in this household is to put 'wholegrain mustard' in it of course along with the mayo.

geldof, Nov 4, 10:14am
add juice of 1 lemon to still warm potatoes, let cool slightly and add mayo mixed with wasabi.yum!!!

dbab, Nov 4, 9:27pm
I add a finely chopped gherkin, parsely, spring onion to the mayo. I often add a bit of wholeseed mustard as well. A little of the gherkin juice is nice to thin it down a bit too. If you like it a bit sweeter add a sprinkle of sugar too.

tarankyle, Jul 14, 3:45pm
thanks for that :-)