Potato salad...what vinegar?

holly525, May 17, 12:06am
all the recipes I am loking at say vinegar, but I am wondering if this is white, malt or cider? What is the norm when a recipe asks for vinegar, or can you use any? TIA.

alebix, May 17, 12:07am
I would say you use what you like. If you prefer malt, use it. You might even like white. .

245sam, May 17, 12:25am
holly525, I agree with alebix that "you use what you like" but another thought is this... . . if the recipe is from an older recipe book then more than likely it would have been malt vinegar that was used - in earlier years I'm fairly sure that the most commonly used (and I believe the most readily available) vinegar was malt vinegar and IMO it's only in much more recent years that all the choices/options we have today (malt, white, cider, red wine, white wine, balsamic, etc... . vinegars) have been so readily available and therefore we now have the choices as to which vinegar to use. :-))

antoniab, May 11, 4:12pm
Id say white or wine vinegar, same as a salad dressing :)