Warm potato salad with chicken flavour...

mal331, Nov 30, 4:37am
Apologies if this has already been answered but I'm trying to locate a recipe for warm potato salad, I know it only had a couple of ingredients and one I think was dried chicken soup mix... can anyone help please

petal1955, Nov 30, 4:55am
Maybe this one
Boil large cubed potatos in boiling salty water. When cooked then drain and put into serving dish.
In a seperate pot add 500mls of cream have the stove at med to high heat, at the same time add cream of chicken soup and fresh chopped up parsley to the cream, make sure to keep on stirring, when sauce goes thick take of the heat and put onto the potatos.
You can add bacon, chive, red onions whatever else you like, beautiful salad served either warm or cold -

noonesgirl, Nov 30, 4:57am
Yum petal, sounds delicious. Must take note of the recipe.

mal331, Nov 30, 5:02am
thanks heaps petal' I'll give that a try

cookessentials, Nov 30, 6:44am
Check the pottoes thread somewhere below, there are a few recipes there.

mal331, Sep 17, 10:42pm
thanks for the suggestions, also noted the potato thread with the warm salad of onion soup mix and cream, is it possible to used nestle reduced cream in place of the fresh cream?